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Struts2 - Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control

The UIImagePickerController class manages customizable, system-supplied user interfaces for taking pictures and movies on supported devices, and for browsing saved images and movies for use in your app. An image picker controller manages user interactions and delivers the results of those interactions to a delegate object.

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Capture signature in Android

App is used to take signature and save for future reference. It have two layout activity_main.xml and signature.xml , two activity classes,

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How to get movement speed from iPhone/iPad device ?

Sometimes it is required to get speed from UIDevice to fulfill certain tasks.To calculate speed of iOS devices like iPhone/iPad you can use CLLocationManager delegates. To use this you should to add a few things in your application.

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Background Location reporting in iOS

Upon working on location product, one of the little challenges along the way has been how to report background location updates back to our servers.First, some basics.We're going to be using the Significant Location Changes feature as this is the recommended way of tracking the approximate device location in a low power way.

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Authorize.Net Integration into Java

The Merchant Interface at is a secure website where you can manage your payment gateway account, submit manual transactions, monitor and review unsettled transactions, search for and view settled transactions, view account billing statements, configure account settings and more.

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