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24X7 Support for our New Project is nicely Done

Yes, We are now in technical support. We got our new project for live site monitoring, reporting pitfalls and resolving issues. This is for 24X7 and we are commited to do it. Its been about 1 month while it started and we are on the screens every time without missing a thing. We report on daily basis with all the logs.

ExportAddresses Updated on Google Play

ExportAddresses is free app to send contact details in a universal format to mail or to review on device. The app can easily fetch contacts and generates a pdf file for use. This file can be sent to mail using configured mail account from device.

Excel export functionality is added in this version so contacts can be imported into google contacts that can be synced with device later.
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Geofence Creation on Map in iPhone

This is basic requirement to have Geofence around a Location point on MKMapView. we may have Circular, square and Polygon type of geofence. By having that geofence any annotation(Marker) on MKMapView can be idenitifed as it is residing in that geofence or not , basis on that we can have our customized action.

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Import SSL certificate for consuming WebService

Sometimes while working on a client that works with an SSL enabled server running in https protocol, you could get error 'unable to find valid certification path to requested target' if the server certificate is not issued by certification authority, but a self signed or issued by a private CMS. To resolve this error, certificate must be import into trust center so application can use it to consume web service.

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Excel in Java using Apache POI

HSSF is the POI Project's pure Java implementation of the Excel '97(-2007) file format. XSSF is the POI Project's pure Java implementation of the Excel 2007 OOXML (.xlsx) file format. HSSF and XSSF provides ways to read spreadsheets create, modify, read and write XLS spreadsheets.

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Struts1 v/s Struts2

Struts 2 is very simple as compared to struts 1, few of its important features are: Servlet Dependency, Action classes, Validation, Threading Model , Testability, Harvesting Input and Expression Language

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Use GridView in Android

Gridview is a ViewGroup that displays items in a two-dimensional, scrollable grid. The grid items are automatically inserted to the layout using a ListAdapter. In this tutorial, you’ll create a grid of image thumbnails. When an item is selected, a toast message will display the position of the image.

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TrackMySpeed is soon to come for Android

TrackMySpeed is free application to track route while you travel. It uses location service of device to find the current location in order to track route on the go. The app can run in background. Report can be genrated and sent on mail for previous trips. It is already available on iTunes and will available on Google Play soon.

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1. Happy New Year to All. May this year bring joy and happiness in your Life. Enjoy.

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1. Happy New Year to All. May this year bring joy and happiness in your Life. Enjoy.

2. Created New Event "6 months Industrial Training for MCA/B.Tech"

3. 24X7 Support for new project...Nicely Done. :)

4. Congratulations to Vivek Agarwal for Getting Married. We wish him All the Best for his married life Ahead.

Latest on iTunes

1. TrackMySpeed is a free application that track ones route. It uses location services for so. This app can run in background as well and allows user to perform other tasks even.

2. ExportAddresses is a free app to send your contacts detail in a universal format to your mail or review on your device.

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1. ExportAddresses is updated on google store. Contacts can be exported in excel also.