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With New customized UI, ExportAddresses is updated on iTunes.

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›› Yusata Infotech is partcipating in IndiaSoft March 2013 at Kolkata, India.
›› Yusata Infotech is partcipating in International ICT Expo April 2013 at HongKong, HongKong.
›› Export Addresses: Updated on iTunes with new customized UI for easy navigation between screens.

Dynamic Column width in BI Publisher

This has been a complex task to assign width of column dynamically in BI Publisher. This means number of columns is not fixed and they will come dynamically from XML and we want width of the columns to be distributed equally or in some ratio. Combined width of all columns assigned dynamically will be taken up from the width that we assign to that particular column.

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Sending mail with attachment in JAVA

The JavaMail API is a set of abstract APIs that model a mail system. The API provides a platform independent and protocol independent framework to build Java technology based email client applications. The JavaMail API provides facilities for reading and sending email.

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How to take ScreenShot in iOS ?

Sometimes requirement arises in iPhone/iPad app that how we get screenshot of a particular UI part. So this captured screenshot can be sent as attachment to authorities via mail or can be written on to photo library.

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Send Email on Startup and Shutdown Process on Linux Server

It is always nice to have notification when a server reboots, especially when you are on vacation, away from the office, or just hanging around! In order to send an email on reboot, we can easily create a cron job to run on reboot. This means for a single reboot the Administrator will receive two emails. This solution will not send out an email if the system loses power, however an email will still be sent on reboot.

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Control File in DBMS

The Control File of the database is a binary file that contains database information such as the database name, data about the database log files and data files, timestamp of database creation, tablespace name, checkpoint information and backup information. Database can't open without a Control file.

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Moving ORADATA Directory to another location in Oracle DataBase

Database files are stored in ORACLE_BASE\oradata\DB_NAME\.

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In computing, virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments.

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