June 2014

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Proud moment - Maharatna PSU Indian Oil Corp inviting proposal from Yusata

It has been privilege for Yusata Infotech to be a part in the process of providing service to one of the Maharatna PSU of India - Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). The PSU (IOCL) has invited proposal from Yusata for the Maharashtra Division GEO RTD Project. A project which calculates Round Trip Distance of Retail Outlets and Customers from the Servicing Terminal. Yusata have core competency in developing distance based and point to point tracking solutions. We are proud to be a part in the process.
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Partnership with Canvasback

Canvasback have partnering with Yusata and Crashboxx to develop a solution for ambulance tracking and related resource utilization. The functionality will provide real time monitoring of door open/close status, seat belt status, temprature and indicator Left/Right/Off status, Emergency light and Siren status.

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YLogApp Installted for LML School, Gujrat

Yusata Infotech provided an Intelligent School Transit system to automate the Driver Log, stops check-in/check-out notification and keep a record of the route followed, to Lalji Mehrotra Lions School, Gujrat.

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Android: Find Bluetooth Paired Devices

Among many ways, Bluetooth is a way to send or receive data between two different devices. Android platform includes support for the Bluetooth framework that allows a device to wirelessly exchange data with other Bluetooth devices.

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Create Notifications For Last Backup Status With One Easy Script On SQL Server

Backups are vital for any business, and databases frequently keep the business running. Imagine your database server goes down, and on that server is your customer list and all invoice information. Without a backup, you cannot recover the database and your business goes under.

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Email marketing is a process of soliciting business prospects via email and it is an important part of keeping your company alive in the minds of customers.

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iOS - File Handling

File handling cannot be explained visually with the application and hence the key methods that are used for handling files are explained below. Please note that the application bundle only has read permission and we wont be able to modify the files.

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Set Header and Send a JSON object in HTTPPost Body

In General, we use HTTP GET method in which we pass the data in URL query string itelf using question mark(?) and param_name and value after equal(=).For Example :

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SplitButton Using EasyUI

Whenever we see any menu or drop down there is lots of options, but they all are not order or sorted by function. It will always easy to put all same type options together, So we can split them into parts..

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Write Spring Web service

Spring support only contract first web service, i am giving you complete example how to write Web service.

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