March, 2015

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a vision. It is being built today. The stakeholders are known, the debate has yet to start. In hundreds of years our real needs have not changed. We want to be loved, feel safe, have fun, be relevant in work and friendship, be able to support our families and somehow play a role - however small - in the larger scheme of things. So what will really happen when things, cars, trucks, bikes, homes and cities become smart? We will be able to manage things more easily and even able to communicate with them like we do with humans.
In YLogApp, we have integrated web portal with smart devices like iPad, Android tablets, Tile, RFID and Bluetooth etc. Data can flow to and from these devices. Devices send data to web portal and commands or data given in web portal reflects on these devices. In YLogApp, we integrated DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Codes) functionality that Caarmo have. DTC is captured and sent that tells about vehicle's health. Devices powered with CRASH technology, informs emergency services in case of mishap. Devices tells Admin how driver is driving and what are the things to regulate. This all constitues IOT.

Yusata participated in CeBIT 2015

Yusata participated in CeBIT Booth B-63 in Hall 11 from 16th - 20th March 2015 at Hannover, Germany. Yusata, is a leading organization in Advance Telematics Solution with enhanced features of Vehicle Remote Diagnostics and Crash Detection / Notification.
Vehicle Remote Diagnostics provides full access to all diagnostic data, reporting, vehicle status, and maintenance details. It provides the Vehicle health assessment report helping in proactively managing your vehicle functionalities. This feature helps you reduce your maintenance cost and enhance ROI. Read More

YLogApp Integration with Caarmo

Yusata integrated with Caarmo to utilize DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) functionality that Caarmo have. DTC is captured and sent that tells about vehicle's health. The information is useful for identifying the issue and thus correcting it by mechanic. The information travels over a secure medium thus can not be intercepted by anyone. User can see these details under his account only. Additionally DTC can be sent to user's Mobile number if opted. User just need to plug OBD II device in car. Caarmo analyze the information, and compare it to similar vehicles (make, model and year) and send this information to user and user automotive repair shop. Read More

Yusata Signed MOU with Synesis Analytics

Yusata has signed an MOU and NDA with Synesis Analytics, Moscow for real time video surveillance and exceptional reporting on any unauthorized movement in the area. The MOU will result in integration of YLogApp with Kipod System, which will enhance the security and safety features of both the applications.
Both the parties will pursue joint business opportunity on Remote Monitoring Service, provide consulting services and acts to supply real time video management and video analytics solutions. Read More

Yusata Participating in HKTDC 2015

Yusata is participating in HKTDC ICT Expo 2015 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from April 13 to April 16, 2015. The HKTDC International ICT Expo is Asia’s leading ICT show. This powerful platform for the smartest ideas in information and communications technology links product and service providers with buyers from around the world. A total of 600 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions took part in the 2014 event, including group representations from Australia, Canada, the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan. We are looking forward to meet you at ICT Expo on our booth in Hall 3G-F18. Read More

Android : Push Notification using Notification Manager
Introduction:- A notification is a message you can display to the user outside of your application's normal UI. You can create your own notifications in android very easily. Read More

32-Bit and 64-Bit iOS App Support
Starting February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or later. Read More

Creating Tabs through easyui Framework
Yusata have developed an useful Easyui is a collection of user-interface plugin based on jQuery.Easyui provides essential functionality for building modern, interactive, javascript applications. Read More

Android : Camera Integration in Application
Yusata have developed an useful This blog describes how to use camrea in your applications.Integrating camera can be done in two ways. Read More

ITextImage Integration in Java
Yusata have developed an useful iText is an open source library for creating and manipulating PDF files in Java. Read More

We are very happy with Yusata's capabilities, quality of work, and time-to-deliver; all of which are very important for us. At DP & C Enterprises LLC., we develop and deploy Java technology based solutions for our customers and partners and have worked with Yusata on a number of projects. We have been extremely satisfied with the speed, accuracy, and quality provided by the Yusata team.

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