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YLog Light, specifically designed for mobile users, is developed and under testing. We are planning to launch it soon. The app is made compatible with base version of Android(2.3). App will provide basic functionality of YLog like logging-in, viewing trips for a day, starting trips, viewing stops associated with trip, map to list and list to map switching of trip path and addresses.
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How To Resize Multiple Images At Once In Photoshop

Re-sizing more than one images in a single time is too difficult. But using the photoshops Actions we can easly resize more than one images in a single time. Let see how this process works.

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Switching to Struts2 or Spring MVC

There is no definitive answer as what to use but here are some features and their implementation in both frameworks. If you are looking for a stable framework you should choose Struts 2. If you are looking for a more robust framework, you should choose Spring MVC.

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Parsing XML using DOM, SAX Parser in Java

We can use same XML in different parsers to perform the same operation of populating the XML content into objects and then adding the objects to a list.

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How to create and drag geofence on google map v2 in android

Here We are doing map clustering in android google maps v2. We just want to animate the marker from one geopoint to another, so there are few steps. This is to move a marker smoothly from one point to another on the map.

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UITableView – Creating a simple table view

In most cases, the requirement is to select an item from the list displayed and then load the details of the selected item in a detail view. UITableView is only responsible for the list of items it displays, the navigation that happens between the list of items and the detail view is handled by the UINavigationController. So the table view always works with the navigation controller and vice versa.

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Using Jasper reports from start to end

Jasper reports are most commonly used reports. Off Corse they are free and powerful. They are easy to develop and have very useful feature, desired by any developer. In this blog it is explained that how we can build a jasper report and associate with our program.

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Create AWR(Oracle Automatic Workload Repository) Manually

AWR generates an HTML or text view of report which display the statistics about our database for range of snapshot IDs. For creating AWR report open the terminal and connect with oracle user, open sql prompt, run awrrpt.sql script at SQL prompt.

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