News Letter October 2012


HopTheLine Cabs4Me
EsignIn T&AM

Smartfleet DPC Suite

1. Cabs4Me is now available on google play for android. Check out

2. TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that is now available on iTunes for download. Check out

1. Added new milestone "Cabs4Me Available on Google Play"

2. Added new milestone "TTM(Task and Time Management) available on iTunes"

1. TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that is now available on iTunes for download.

1. After grand success on Apple app store, Cabs4me is now available on google play for android.

2. TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis


A Note of sympathy from Yusata Infotech to Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Dear friends,

We, the team of Yusata Infotech, extends our deepest sympathy to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Although this storm have affected our lives considerably but we are sure that we will get over it soon. May this mail find you in good health and wealth condition.

The team of Yusata Infotech

Latest News

TTM App Approved ready to download from iTunes

TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis. This is quite an important app for businesses and can be helpful in monitoring employees activities on day-to-day basis. TTM app provide many a functionalities. To check it out now on itunes, click here

Cabs4Me is now available on google Play

With all the functionality of iphone app, cabs4me is available on google play for android. Cabs4Me provide maps to check taxi companies around you. It also provides facility to check hospitals, restaurants , public parking and many more. To check it out now on google Play, click here

Promotion mail functionality added in hoptheline to promote events

New functionality of sending notification mail(promotion mail) to all the users, which are connected to a business, added in the HopTheLine. This notification is sent to the contacts of a business when business add new event. User get the mail which describes the event information briefly. User can directly access event from mail and check on social sites also. Notification mail provides better user interaction for promotion of new events. Mail notification let users keep updated about latest events.

Implement Compass in iPhone app

This Compass App can be very useful and can be integrated with various other applications dealing with Map and Directions to know the current proceeding magnetic direction. Driver related apps can make a best use of it.

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Generate Code128, QRCode, PDF417 Barcode in Java

In Java, we may need to generate a barcode for some particular string. The generated barcode can be used for printing labels etc. ZXing is open source api which can be used for generating various barcode(code128, QRCode and pdf417(Mostly used on drivers license in USA)).

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Play sound(wav audio) in Java

Just for fun or for some application need, java provides functionality to play audio file. This is inbuilt in java and do not need any additional library. Following is simple code to play an wav file in java.

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Interceptors Introduction

The struts2 framework makes it easy to share certain solutions using an "Interceptor" strategy. When you request a resource that maps to an "action", the framework invokes the Action object. But, before the Action is executed, the invocation can be intercepted by another object. After the Action executes, the invocation could be intercepted again. Unsurprisingly, we call these objects "Interceptors."

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ExportAddresses app is submitted to iTunes for approval

ExportAddresses is a free app to send contact details in a universal format to mail or review on device. This app easily fetch contacts and generates a pdf file for later use. This file can be sent to mail using configured mail on device.
Key Features
⇒ No need to sync with any server.
⇒ Lightweight app which have no burden on iphone.
⇒ You can easily check your contacts.
⇒ All contacts shown in a simple tabular form that is easy to understand.
⇒ Easy to send contacts file as a mail attachment.
⇒ Provides the Functionalities to select the fields whose data is required.
⇒ Pass code can be setted up in settings for enhanced security.
⇒ With continuous five wrong Pass code attempts all app data will be deleted.

Cabs4Me for iPad is submitted to itunes

As Cabs4Me comes on google play for android which works on all android phones as well as tablets, it was necessary to launch Cabs4me for iPad. We have developed it and submitted to iTunes for approval. Hope to get it approved soon. It has all the functionality as of iPhone. Works with orientation change also. Sharing via facebook, twitter and mail.