October, 2016

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Visit to GITEX 2016, Dubai
GITEX Show is one of the leading Global IT Exhibition held every year in Dubai. This year the show has launched the most global startup movement with over 400 entrepreneurs, 250 regional, global VCs and investors/mentors from 60 countries. Exhibitors showcases their concepts, engage in mentor sessions, Pitch to win US $160,000 in our Strut up Competition and learn at the conference sessions with start up heroes. GITEX is sharing revolutionary and disruptive minds and supporting throughout entrepreneurship journey through access to investments, business and a chance to work in partnership with the most influential industry leaders from the technology community.
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Participation at CeBIT Bangalore, Date: 8-10 December 2016
CeBIT Expo in India is a B2B Platform to Indian IT/ITeS/ESDM Industry providing a Golden opportunity for showcasing their products with clear focus on IT Business in the World Market, The central Theme of CeBIT this year is " Discover the Business of Technology Innovation". The Expo will witness Global conferences, workshops and seminars and will host a Global Thought Leaders to deliver keynote session on the theme.
Govt. of India initiative Startup India and Digital India, STPI has organized a Pavilion in the EXPO to support and provide a special exhibition space to the MSME companies from the country.
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Electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD) Demo planned for a leading courier company
The company had developed and tested E-POD solution to support Real time POD receipt and alert the client as well as sender of material receipt for the courier and logistics company.
The solution works on Android and Iphones. The delivery person in real time can collect E-Signature on the smart device, click photograph of closed premises, address change, or any other exception, which hinders the delivery of material. The user to have a benefit, he/she can input their feedback in the app, which is submitted in real time to the Admin office.
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Enterprise level integration available for clients with SAP or any other ERP system
It has been noted across the country and world that lot of Telematics solution provider are mushrooming up with claims beyond their reach. Large corporate and enterprises with SAP or specific ERP solution needs integration with the system to manage and monitor every movement in a single structure. Companies like Tata, Airtel, Vodafone, Jindal, JK Cements, Shree Cements have their own unique ERP system.
Small time Telematics service provider can sell Track-n-Trace services to them, at a lower cost, but when it comes integrating large data with the system and deriving meaning Business decision reports, they fall short of experience and capability to manage it. Read More


Post on Facebook
In this blog we are going to learn, how to post on facebook from our own android app. We can post anything like texts, images and etc on facebook from an android application.
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Multipeer Connectivity in IOS using Swift
This blog gives details about using the multipeer connectivity framework provides a layer on top of the Bonjour protocol.
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Insert Image In Excel Sheet
The following document will explain about to insert an image in excel sheet using apache POI. Apache POI is a java library which allow us to create, modify, display MS office files using java program.
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Introduction to Backup
A backup is a copy of data from your database that can be used to reconstruct that data.. If you lose original data, you can reconstruct it using backup.
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