August, 2019

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Yusata turns 11 years in August 2019
A great moment of cherishment and accomplishment to complete 11 successful years in the industry.
Yusata turns 11 years and have achieve a mark of excellence in better solution and service to its customers. The company have operations in India and USA with partners and patrons across Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
With every growing year, the solution as well as technical capabilities of the company has grown multi-folds; from Software development to inhouse product design and development.

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Wireless Form - Create, Customize and Digitize data input in real time
Digital world has changed the formats of data gathering. Now-a-day, each information and data input are critical and important for analysis. Today, information is the key and data is money.
Yusata as an endeavour to synergize its product with real time tracking to real time data capturing, designed a new product Wireless Forms - branded as "YLOG FORMS"
These forms are flexible in nature - it means that the user can creates its own customized forms, design as per their needs and data gathering. User can use text, number, alphanumeric, value, preset values, date-time, location, image capturing, digital signature, key value inputs, characters and many more with these forms.
The forms can be used for
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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions designed at Yusata!!
At Yusata, we believe in providing the best service and solution to our customers.
YLogApp- has been our pioneer product with advance telematics features to track and trace, provide executive reports and interactive portal experience.
Based on growing requirements of clients and market, Yusata has developed Internet of Things (IOT) solutions
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Push Notification
A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time.They can do a lot of things for example, they can show the latest sports scores, they can send new update alert and many more.
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Local Notifications in iOS Swift
Notifications are the alert which comes up on application to remind or give information to users. Basically there are two types of notification-
1. Remote Notification(which fires up through server.)
2. Local Notification Here we are discussing about Local Notification. What is the mean of this and how we can use this feature in our application. So, Some times we need to send or trigger local notification is applications. So there is a mechanism in iOS to send or push local notification in application
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Optional Class
For a Java programmer NullPointerException is an abysmally word . Null Reference is the cause of many problem , It is often used to denote the absence of a value.It is a single value container of Objects which contains NOT NULL objects ,which is introduced in java SE-8 that can alleviate some problems for developer.
There are several static and non static methods to handle the Exception and make code more readable instead of doing multiple null check.
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On a daily basis routine, we are used to sending emails by using web browsers or mobile application. But as a professional sometimes we need to generate our emails through server and send it to desired receivers automatically.
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