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  Yusata turns 11 years in August 2019

A great moment of cherishment and accomplishment to complete 11 successful years in the industry.
Yusata turns 11 years and have achieve a mark of excellence in better solution and service to its customers.
The company have operations in India and USA with partners and patrons across Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
With every growing year, the solution as well as technical capabilities of the company has grown multi-folds; from Software development to inhouse product design and development.


We have solutions in telematics industry, IoT, Sensor based, Proactive diagnostics, Automated Driving Test Track solution (ADTT), Automated Crash identification, Warehouse Automation and many more.
We thank every client to be the part of this progress and have directly or indirectly motivated us to provide with better solutions, bringing technology closer to life.
Every passing year teaches us and coming year gives us hope to do our best.
Thank you All!!

  Wireless Form – Create, Customize and Digitize data input in real time

Digital world has changed the formats of data gathering. Now-a-day, each information and data input are critical and important for analysis. Today, information is the key and data is money.
Yusata as an endeavour to synergize its product with real time tracking to real time data capturing, designed a new product Wireless Forms – branded as “YLOG FORMS”
These forms are flexible in nature – it means that the user can creates its own customized forms, design as per their needs and data gathering. User can use text, number, alphanumeric, value, preset values, date-time, location, image capturing, digital signature, key value inputs, characters and many more with these forms.

The forms can be used for
- Surveys
- Purchase /Sales Order Forms
- Visitor Management
- Log maintenance
- Sales / Marketing reports
- Data gathering
- and many more
For demo requests, kindly contact sales@ylogapp.com or info@ylogapp.com

  Internet of Things (IoT) solutions designed at Yusata!!

At Yusata, we believe in providing the best service and solution to our customers.
YLogApp- has been our pioneer product with advance telematics features to track and trace, provide executive reports and interactive portal experience.
Based on growing requirements of clients and market, Yusata has developed Internet of Things (IOT) solutions which compliment the telematics industry like -
•   Wireless Temperature sensor
•   Tire Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System
•   360 Degree Camera
•   Dual Side Camera (Road View & Driver View)
•   Humidity / Moisture / O2 Sensors
The solutions are available at a call away – sales@ylogapp.com

  Vehicle theft reported and recovered in 30 mins – thanks to YLogApp

Yusata team received an accolade from one of its major clients in India, for being a vigilant app for their vehicles.
The client owns a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles moving across the state of Rajasthan. The client has multiple vehicles in its fleet sizing from Bikes, Cars and Vans.
In the recent happening, when one of its driver assigned with a bike, moved out of premises without information and was not traceable; the control room tracked the bike using YLogApp application and were able to catch hold within 30 minutes of record time.
The control room in-charge informed
“we came to know about the bike missing and had called driver, however in no response from driver, we used YLogApp software to check the vehicle and found it moving at high speed towards the city boundary. We informed Police about the live location and they were able to custody vehicle and driver within 30 minutes. This has been possible because of YLogApp application in our vehicles”
Similar incident has happened once earlier too, and they were able to recover the vehicle from its location.
We are happy to help our clients in managing and tracking their vehicles efficiently.

  School Bus Tracking Solution – A Boon for School & Parents

Our Intelligent Transport Management System, for the school bus monitoring allows great relief to the School Bus Administrator and the Parents at large.
The system works on its pre-defined and intelligent mapping system, which ensures school bus is monitored, with its pick-up and drop off stops.
An app is available for the Parents to keep a watch on the bus movement during its pick-up and drop off trips. They can view live location along with ETA to their designated stops. Parents receive SMS alert for bus arrival and student pick/drop at the stop.
With schools moving towards efficient and effective use of technology to cater their best services to the society; Yusata is a committed partner with them to be a responsible arm of school in providing its School Bus managements solution to keep parents updated and feel secure.
Yusata works closely with the school team to ensure that stops and vehicle route is mapped accurately with precision of its movement; making the child’s ride safe and secure.
Yusata Infotech, provides the latest AIS 140 devices for the school buses, allowing them to be compliant with the Central Government Notification.

  Flight 6 internship program at Akshaya Patra

To bring in a holistic development in students, Akshaya Patra had initiated a unique Summer Internship program FLIGHT (Future Leaders for Inclusive Growth and Human Transformation) for the students from premier engineering colleges across the country. Akshaya Patra reaches out to 1,675,008 children in 33 locations across 12 states of India, providing them with freshly cooked meals on all school days. Currently, we implement the Mid-Day Meal Programme in 13,839 schools of the country, with plans to increase that number to hundreds more.
FLIGHT-6 was scheduled for 2019 between 1st July to 31st July. FLIGHT summer project program is a versatile and unique program and is being held in the Akshaya Patra Foundation, Jaipur which in itself is the testimony of its quality and promise.
Based on the project selection, the program demands the active participation of the candidates to thoroughly study the operations at Akshaya Patra. Since the operation being as early as 3 am and carried out throughout the day with intermittent breaks and hence we have designed as residential project model. The program will be a blend of technical knowledge, hands-on training, operational techniques and soft skill training like Public speaking, Team building, Time management, career building.
Mr. Sunil Karwasra (Director – technology) from Yusata Infotech Private Limited took a session on “Latest advancements on IT Development and Infrastructure”. 5 interested Trainees in Mobile apps development were given training on hybrid app development for a month at Yusata office. Application development was completed and successful demo was done to Akshaya Patra authorities.

  Parents Tracking App launched for Schools

School bus tracking solution is a major pioneer product of Yusata Infotech. The offering is highly recommended for the school administration and parents to keep a regular and close watch over the bus movement and child pick drop location. The solution provides real time information over mobile app and alerts to the stake holders.
The parent app features:
- Real time bus tracking
- Multiple child and bus mapping
- Pick and drop stop geo fence
- Transport History of past dates
- Push notification and alerts

The app will certainly make life of administrator and parent easy.
Download your school app from Google Play Store

  Internet of Things IOT solutions available with YLogApp

YLogApp is established in the Telematics domain with enhanced features to support transport manager on every requirement.
The portal and mobile app provides visibility of resources -trucks and fleets, in real time and provides decision making reports.
With the changing times and needs, we have developed capabilities to integrate various sensors and technology using Internet as a platform available within the GPS device to communicate and take action remotely.
Internet of Things concept is successfully integrated into YLogApp in form of temperature sensor, door sensors, humidity and moisture sensors, Oxygen level, water quality and many more.
Yusata Infotech is equipped with best of product and service to address this upcoming domain.

  One more feather in Yusata's crown "Warehouse Automation for GSM"

Yusata Infotech has opened a new vertical for its India operation in this 2019; it has been a USP of Yusata to provide process automation for industry. The core business of Telematics is being integrated with IoT to provide Logistics and SCM automation, helping organizations achieve better results from resources.
Now, with reverse integration, Yusata is providing Warehouse Automation consultancy and Turnkey Projects for organizations.
Utilizing its experience and expertise of overseas valuable customers, a new workspace of Warehouse Automation is created into the ecosystem; brining value added services to its current customers as well as woo new customers in this space.
To start with, Yusata is providing consultancy services to one of the Government Department in automation of their Warehouse Logistics process.

  Launch of version V2 of Mobile application on Google Play Store

Yusata launched its much awaited, fully feature loaded, new version app - YLOGAPP V2 on Google Playstore last week.
The application is re-loaded with new features of Tracking, managing resources on the go, interactive experience for user and a new operational dashboard for quick decision making.
A unique difference in the V2 app than V1, is that it is independent of subscription keys; the moment user log out from app; the key available to be used by other user in the same company; this ease outthe recurring use of limited keys in an organization.
We encourage our clients and user to download the app and share their experience.
To download: click here For any further assistance please connect on - sales@ylogapp.com

  VTS installation in IOCL Auto LPG devices at GSO

IOCL Auto LPG division in Gujarat will install GPS devices in their contracted tankers. We, Yusata Infotech, is already vendor with Western Region Office for GPS Installation and GEO RTD Tender and hence was provided the opportunity to install GPS in their 5 Auto LPG Tankers in Ahmedabad.
We are glad that our solution and system are being used by multiple divisions of IOCL.

  YLogApp - Van recovered in 30 mins after being reported theft

YLogApp, have been able to help our patron customer in recovering their delivery van within 30 mins of being reported theft. The driver with ill intention took away the Delivery Van of our customer; upon its information, YUSATA team helped the supervisor to know its location in real time and recovered van within 30 mins.
In the state of Rajasthan, India, our customer has a fleet of delivery vans, which are used to move material from one place to another; all these vans were fitted with Yusata’s GPS devices and were tracked by supervisors on YLogApp software. Once of their driver, with mala-fide intention to take away delivery van, moved out of parking area and this incident came to the knowledge of supervisor. With the help of YLogApp, supervisor were able to find the location and grabbed driver in few minutes. The location accuracy and prompt response of YLogApp, helped our client save on theft.
This case is a learning experience for other drivers of the fleet; not to commit any such act and be careful of their movements. The client is happy and have thanked the YLogApp service for its fleet.

  Donation of Inverter With Battery to Municipal School in Paota, Jaipur - An CSR Initiative

Yusata Infotech believes in giving back to society by any way or mean, which is useful to lighten up the lives of even a single individual.
As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Yusata has donated several items to Akshay Patra, HELP Foundation and other organizations who are actively working towards the upliftment of society in any possible mean.
Our CEO, Mr. Mool Chand Sharma, who is actively involved in philanthropic activities within the city and even rural and outreach parts of city to help promotion of better education and living standards of the local people.
In his recent visit to Paota for a social reason, he observed that a Municipal School, is deprived of Electricity due to power cut in the village; which in turn causes challenge for school to impart effective education.
Mr. Sharma, had immediately ordered to purchase inverter with battery set for the school and installed to ensure power is available for students to be able to focus on their study. The school principal and teachers thanked him for his generous gesture.

  Noke Padlock Official visit at Yusata Infotech office

Yusata Infotech promotes NOKE Bluetooth Padlock in the Indian, Middle East and South East territory to its clients and have been in communication with NOKE for the issues and challenges from clients. Mr. Ramsay Henderson, from NOKE USA had visited office in Jaipur to have a discussion on the overall market development strategy with Yusata and for its clients. In the discussion, we have identified the potential of developing software / mobile app which can work closely with NOKE CORE API and give more flexibility to the user in terms of use and managing locks effectively and efficiently. Mr. Henderson, had a week plan in India, meeting with other vendors for the advance use of Noke in the Indian market. YUSATA-NOKE partnership on overall development and implementation for the market will provide best service and support to its clients.

  Wireless Temperature Sensors Monitoring solution for perishable food product transportation

Summers are all set to heat up the market; transport companies dealing with perishable food products are searching out for solutions on temperature sensors to keep a real time eye on the items.
Cold storage trucks are available, but still they need to keep a track of temperature control within the containers to ensure food material does not get perished due to improper temperature settings.
Food materials like – Milk, vegetables, ice-creams, snack items, and many more.
Yusata Infotech have developed an independent temperature monitoring solution with Wireless transmitter and receiver sets. A single receiver can collect data from multiple wireless temperature sensors and send to the server seamlessly.
Benefit of wireless sensors is no wiring as well as power connections required. The sensors are battery operated and have good shelf life to support long term solution for the companies.
Many transport companies are exploring wireless solutions, which helps a cost effective solution and better accuracy over the temperature monitoring requirement.
For more details, kindly contact us at sales@ylogapp.com

  YLogApp V2 Enhancement features

YLogApp V2 is a visionary solution platform to achieve a larger objective – integration of Telematics solution with IoT and sensor technology.
The platform provides space to integrate systems, gps devices, services, sensors like Temperature, door sense, ibutton, CCTV camera, RFID, and many more. The YLogApp V2 platform can support all the requirements of an Advance Transport Solution to provide better fleet management, visibility and decision-making ability.
Yusata believes in providing solutions that are useful to an organization need and help achieve better productivity and profitability. It pursues every potential opportunity to provide better service and functional features for the customer.
Kindly get in touch with our technical team for further specific requirements pertaining to your needs on sales@ylogapp.com

  Projects with State Government in Rajasthan

Yusata has been in discussion with various state government departments to provide its expertise in Supply Chain Management, Telematics, and overall material logistics management.
In our endeavour, we have been assigned a task by one of the State Department to automate their Warehouses and provide better material movement technology to ensure better time efficiency in material inward and outward.
The solution will involve total planning of warehouse, its automation, use of latest material handling equipment and better stacking of material and optimum space utilization.
The project report will be completed by April end and a model warehouse management will be established for the state department to use.

  Earth Day

Earth Day is a global event celebrated on 22nd April each year, and more than 1 billion people in 192 countries are expected to take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.
In an effort from Yusata, we have created a concept to save carbon footprints from our side to the environment.
YLogForms, an earth saver concept, utilising your mobile technology to take real time inputs in an E-form which saves paper utilisation and however save trees, in turn helping save Mother Earth.
YLogForms, can be used for multiple conditions and can be connected to approval flow process of an organisation, take-action in an electronic format and reduce the use of paper.

  Automated Warehouse Management System – A pilot study for Govt. of Rajasthan

Yusata has been selected as an agency to Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation Limited for conducting a Pilot study to upgrade their current warehouse management system. The objective is to achieve better operational efficiency and optimum space utilization of the warehouses and provide better service to the Licensee.
Currently the pilot study aims at:
•   Understanding current warehouse operation system
•   Visiting warehouse locations in Jaipur, Churu, Nagour, Swai Madhopur, Alwar and any other, if required
•   Better Space utilization
•   New techniques of warehouse management
•   Suggesting new design / layouts for efficient material movement
•   Managing loading / unloading bay and labour management
The overall purpose of the pilot study is to identify the gaps in the current system and how can they be tapped with
efficient use of technology and material handling equipment in the warehouse.
The pilot study is to be submitted and presented to the RSBCL committee in April 2019.

  IOCL Tender – VTS Installation planned from next month in LPG Truck Tanker

As a part of next level implementation of IOCL tender for GEO RTD and VTS system in the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh; Yusata has developed and designed an state-of-art solution for VTS and Voice box installation in the LPG truck tankers.
The gps device along with the voice box is designed in a unique manner to avoid tampering, wire cut and other nuisances that can be caused during the period of tender.
Technical and Hardware team at Yusata developed a central box unit which consists of Speaker, SOS button, Power management, Harness for GPS device and Fuse within it in a secure manner; which brings down the probability of tampering.
The design is built professionally and suits for every other tender requirement which can be followed by any other petroleum company in their next tenders.
With this solution, the installation becomes smooth and elegant, does not hamper driver’s flexibility and ensure proper data is being shared with IOCL officials, Yusata and transporter.

  Expanding Base of Yusata's Development

With the increasing requirement of development and solution for the customers within Indian and USA, Yusata is planning to expanding its base for the development center.
The company is looking at options within the country to provide appropriate support to the development team and meet their client's growing expectation in terms of features and additional sensor based inputs.
Yusata is also interested in adding Channel Partner to help better penetration of solutions in the market. The eligibility to be a Channel Partner is simple and easy - any individual or company with IT background, interested in long term business potential tapping and have the zeal to work towards providing solution to the upcoming needs of country.
For further information on the Channel Partnership, send in your details to sales@ylogapp.com

  Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019 – A New beginning

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
New year brings in new joy, energy and resolution to sustain for rest of months. Our new year resolution for the year in alignment with our motto is: "to achieve excellence and new heights of innovation in Telematics with perpetual service and support to our customers" The month has set right tone for the year with new projects discussion and progress in the last year projects to continue this year as well. We target at gaining new large projects during the year and cater the best service.
The team at Yusata is poised with all new enthusiasm and motivation to be creative, innovative and deliver quality solutions to its patron.
During the year, we will share positive news of growth and progress with you

  Update on IOCL GEO RTD & VTS of Western Region

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Western Zone tender awarded to Yusata in 2017 is progressing to a new level.
Geo Round Trip Distance work of Physical verification covering all the Source and Destination of IOCL LPG Bulk have been carried out and incorporated into the GEO RTD Software. The IOCL Officials have been trained and given access to the system.
We are now starting with the Vehicle Tracking System installation in the LPG Tanker Trucks across the Western states – Mahrashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. The VTS will give information of trucks, loaded, trip route covered, various voice alerts in driver cabin like Over speeding, Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Harsh maneuvering and device tampering alerts.
The VTS and GEO RTD project will fully functional from March onwards.

  YLogForm - launching innovative and easy way of feeding data electronically

- Get data feed from your users with ease
YLogForms is just right for you to get data feed on routine basis from your users. Get access to your users and let them fill it on the go right from their mobile devices.
- Customize per your needs
Choose from available forms and customize it per your needs. You can even create your own if none of template suits your requirements.
- Choose from different data types
We let you design your own form with the combination of various available data type like text, number, long text, drop down, timestamps, date, multi-select, image, signature, location etc.
- Validations on data input
You can choose to have any field required or optional, pre-filled from existing value, select or input, formula calculation, image size etc
- Reports around data
Get your data in formatted grids or reports the way you want right on your email when you want.
- Works on mobile and web
You can access and/or submit data from mobile devices as well as from our responsive web application. - Total control on access
You can control who can submit, edit or view any form's data. Grouping of users is available which powers you to change permission for multiple users in single shot.

  A quick recap of 2018

The year 2018 passed by with memories and achievements to cherish for the coming year 2019. The year 2018 has proven as a growing step to the growth story of the company. There has been challenges and successes during the year. The year has been marked as a year of Team Work; the company pockets new and large size projects from international market; boosting the morale of team and preparing themselves for bigger challenges in coming year.
•  Initiated development of GEO RTD software for the Indian Oil Corporation tender for Bulk LPG tank movement in Western India.
•  Participated at India Soft in Bangalore; invited delegates from Africa, America and other South East Asia countries
•  Launched fully certified and tested ELD solution for the USA Commercial transport companies
•  Celebrated Republic Day of India with Yusata Team and being a part of Clean India mission
•  First successful testing of Captive Temperature Sensor designed and manufactured at Yusata
•  Automated Driving Test Track Solution being presented at the Malaysian Government and Driving Institutes
•  Universal Relocations, USA Based Shipping and Logistics company partnered with Yusata for managing their fleets and sales force for better customer service and productivity
•  Additional feature of Wireless Temperature Sensor tested and Proof of Concept started for Dairy in Jaipur
•  An innovative Magic Box concept designed to support multi-requirements on the road – GPS, Entertainment, Infotainment, Internet Access, Content Access, CCTV, SOS, and many more. All required boxed in one – MAGIC BOX
•  Work commenced to developed YLogApp Version 2 with added features, functionality and interaction.
•  Healthy work partnership with DCS USA; a bond of trust and service developed. A futuristic partnership towards mutual working arrangements and enhanced service quality.
•  In July 2018, SS Global LLC a sister company of Yusata Infotech took over an existing SmartFleet business from DPC Enterprise in USA. The deal added new 60 companies to the YLogApp platform with enhanced feature and support
•  Celebrated 10 successful and glorious years of Yusata Infotech at Hotel Gateway Taj Resort, Pushkar, a five star resort by Taj Group, with Team Yusata and their family members. A two day fun-filled gathering.
•  Participation at the Mobile World Congress at Los Angeles, USA
•  Successful transition of SmartFleet customers to SS Global LLC platform
•  Commenced work with CREOL and Toshiba for various module development and integration with third party. Second phase to start later month of 2018
•  YLogApp, supported quick and easy recovery of stolen vehicle in Ahmedabad, India. Providing the best service for safety of vehicles
•  Participation at GITEX 2018 at Dubai in October 2018. A separate booth 18 sq mtr with three side open, inviting visitors for Telematics, Hydrocheck, Temperature sensors and IOT solutions
•  NOKE- Smart PAD LOCK successfully implemented at Proconnect Logistics
•  Server Upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Cloud, the best in industry for safety of data and service quality
•  YLogApp Version 2 beta launched for customers to get acquainted with the new look and feel, as well as learn about the new features and functionalities.
The year passed by with new engineers joined the team and a few moved out for great opportunities. The team size is bigger and better with every change in team.
New CSR initiatives took for better environment, cleanliness and health concerns.

  New Year Resolution

“Provide Cutting Edge Telematics Solutions and enhance Customer Satisfaction”
Yusata Infotech is driven by the motto – “bringing technology closer to life”, following it in true sense the company has been working towards making technology user friendly and a support to any organization in enhancing telematics experience and adding profits.
Every year we grow with the new challenges thrown up by customers in different industries and we learn-unlearn new technologies to provide best support to our customers.
The year 2019 is a pre-cursor to the next big year of 2020; a year to be marked as a Revolution in Technology.
Yusata and its team is prepared to provide new and latest technological advancements to its customers and pass on maximum benefits. Our recent Oracle Enterprise Cloud server was a stepping stone to it and with new YLogApp Version 2 being launched, we are poised to take new challenges.
The year 2019 will be a destiny turner for everyone of us and we look at new channel partners will join and be the part of success ride with us.
With each year, we gain new patron clients who are the real motivators and support to the overall Yusata Success Wheel.
We extend our warm welcome to each patron member with us and to the ones who will join us during the year. You are the real success to us. Thank you for being with us.
Welcome to the new Advanced Telematics Solution Experience with Yusata Infotech.

  Campus Recruitment at Anand engineering college Jaipur

Yusata is an active company at campus recruitment drive and look out for talents to hire for their projects and expanding team.
Anand engineering college has been college of repute in Jaipur state of Rajasthan.
The college invited Yusata Infotech to come for recruitment drive and select students to be part of company on 22-12-2018.
Mr. Sunil Karwasra- Director Technology and Mr. Ravinder Dhayal - Director Projects represented company at the college.
A round of written exam and interviews were conducted during the day to identify the knowledge base of students and find suitable candidates.
From the appeared candidates, the team selected 3 candidates for joining
Joining of these candidates is first week of January 2019.

  Yusata team participating at the SPL cricket league at Jaipur

SPL(Saturday Premier League) is the official league of Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and as the name suggest this is a league initially started at company level where matches were played between company teams only on every Saturday. This league is running from last 5 years but comes in more fame from last one year since we started the corporate cup between the IT companies of Jaipur and all credit goes to SPL Management Team who really worked hard to make this league popular between It companies in Jaipur.
Yusata Infotech is amongst the 12 corporate teams participating at the event from Jaipur.
The 13 team members will represent the cricket team, with 11 as playing members and 2 back up.
Such event generates congenial work environment and a healthy relationship with other IT company on the industry.
We look forward to a great show at the league and wish every team all the best.

  School Bus enhanced solution

YLogApp a successful School bus transit management solution implemented in schools across Ahmedabad and Jaipur cities. The solution is integrated with ERP solutions and have been used effectively by the school transport managers.
Additional features are planned to be launched in the upcoming academic year. The solution will be enhanced with Dual Side CCTV cameras, ultrasonic fuel sensor integration and RFID based attendance system in the school bus.
The testing and POC are under progress with the support of school. The new features will make the solution an effective tool for safety and security of vehicles as well as students.

  YLogApp migrated to new Oracle Enterprise Cloud Upgraded Server

Continuous improvement towards quality service, this approach drives our Solutions; striving our endeavours to give our best. We are glad to inform our migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for our prime solution offering - YLogApp.
The migration is in sync with the growing market need and extending support to our clients, as a part of effective solution service.
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brings enhanced service experience in terms of site response, security and safety of data over cloud, accessibility to data, performance upgradation and overall user experience growth.
With this migration, we now have better control as well as flexibility to utilize our infrastructure resources in better way. Yusata Infotech welcomes each of its customer to the new and enhanced solution capability to serve.

  YLogApp V2 beta version testing

The YLogApp V2 beta version is available for testing to the customers.
Our development team has put efforts in understanding the needs and requirements of each specific industry and have accommodated their feedback into a new YLogApp Version 2 (V2).
The link can be accessed through : https://v2.ylogapp.com/YLogAppV2
Existing users can use its credential to login and take a tour; and new users needs to sign up for a trial version to take a feel of the portal.
All features of Version 1 are available with new features added in Version 2. The new version provides an analytical framework to telematics services of clients.
New and fresh look, international standard browsing experience, ease of navigation, various analytical graphs and much more to satisfy industry requirements.
For any further suggestion or queries kindly drop us an email on sales@ylogapp.com

  GITEX2018 Participation at Dubai from 14-18 October 2018

Yusata Infotech and DCS, USA has participated jointly at the largest IT Show of Middle East, the GITEX Show 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre during 14-18 October 2018.
The show has been successful with a good footfall of visitors at our Booth B1-94 in Hall 1.
During the exhibition, we promoted joint solutions of Advance Telematics, Fleet Management and IoT (Internet of Things).
a. YLogApp – a sophisticated telematics solution with exceptional capabilities to support resource utilization visibility for an organization. A cloud-based solution with features of fleet management, live tracking, Dispatch, geo fencing, driver behaviour, ELD & Hour of Service, IFTA, etc

b. Internet of Things (IoT) solution -
i. HYDROCHECK – a water quality monitoring solution; keeps a check on Water conductivity, resistivity monitoringand indicator of pure water quality for deionization, reverse osmosis, or distillation systems.
ii. Temperature & Humidity sensors – Single sensor with multiple features to sense the temperature and humidity in real and alert admin for corrective steps and manage reducing loss of material.
iii. Bluetooth Padlock – as part of IoT, a smart Bluetooth padlock with Mobile app accessibility as a part of access control and real time know how of who opened the lock, where and where.
Our stand had visitors from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman, Iraq, Jordon, Lebanon, Korea, China and other.

  Using IOT for Advance Telematics Solution in Food Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way organizations take work from machines. IoT space has brought a new big data and analytical dimensions to the machine working.
Using IOT with the Telematics solution brought out great results for the Transportation and Logistics companies; however, it has also benefitted other areas where it has been difficult to capture live data from remote locations.
Wireless IOT Temperature sensor is under its testing phase for monitoring food temperature distributed at various locations and served.
These temperature sensors will be connected to the food distribution vessels capturing temperature at a configured interval and when the food is dispensed at various schools and donation locations.
The motive of these wireless sensors will be to keep the command centre informed about the service quality committed by organization. Many companies are at our target in Food Industry – Havmor, Vadilal, McCain, etc

  GEO RTD Solution for IOCL and other petroleum companies

For petroleum companies like IOCL, BPCL , HPCL and others every year, 3 year or 5 year the company needs to carry out Round Trip Distance (RTD) for their routes which carry inflammable items like petroleum, LPG Gas, lubricants, LPG Bottles, etc.
The contracted vehicles need to follow the same RTDs and are paid accordingly.
Yusata Infotech as a part of its Tender requirement for Indian Oil Corporation Limited, have developed a totally automated solution for GEO-RTD using the Google maps. The application performs the following:
1. Create master data of source and destination
2. GEO FENCE for these locations with SAP codes
3. Generate 3 alternate all season motorable routes for the vehicles to ply on them
4. Approve routes as per plant manager, and RTD core committee
5. Integration with IOCL SAP system
6. Manage audit trails and approval system

An attempt is made towards standardization of this GEO RTD system with IOCL and can be used across all offices.
Yusata Infotech have the solution ready for implementation for any IOCL office to use.

  GITEX 2018 Dubai participation

This is Yusata’s second consecutive participation at GITEX, Dubai. The Boot# is B1-94 in Hall#1. Yusata is presenting its IOT solutions at the exhibition – Temperature sensor, Smart Bluetooth Lock, Telematics solution and ELD solution. DCS is our partner at GITEX 2018; DCS is a leader in wide range of Telematics hardware and IOT. Both the companies are working closely for better Telematics solutions and MI Sensors. CalAmp is the quality hardware promoted by us. We welcome you to visit the booth and share your specific requirements.

  Successful MWC participation at Los Angeles, USA

Mobile World Congress held from 12-14 September 2018 at Los Angeles, USA has been successfully concluded the last month. Yusata and DCS jointly presented their hardware and software solutions at the exhibition and received warm response from the visitors. The booth had a demo kit to showcase MI Sensor data related to temperature, Hydro Check Sense and Automated Driving Test Track.
Further to the products, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) was an interesting product for the visitors.
The solution of DOT and Hour of Service is a mandatory requirement for Federal Department of Transport for the commercial vehicle owners.

  Noke Lock- Smart solution enters India

NOKE – Smart Bluetooth Padlock implemented in Logistics Industry at Chennai, India. NOKE is the most advanced hardware and software solution for access control and asset tracking.
Transport and Logistics have incidences of theft, material loss, damage, unauthorized access, etc which can be controlled with a real time monitoring and information sharing with the transport control room.
NOKE satisfies all the requirement parameters for the industry and provides a safe and smart solution for the need.
Today, in India, Proconnect Supply Chain has implemented the smart solution for their vehicles; the locks are used for long haul vehicles for better safety and monitoring of the material.
The lock provides details of Open and Closed location, user details, time and date, number of time accessed, etc.
It is made up of Steel and Boron, making it a hard steel product to break through or cut in transit.
A quality product for the clients who promotes quality.

  MOU Signed with South Korean Company at MWC USA, 2018

FIRSTAR, an established company in South Korea at Daejeon, had visited MWC 2018 at Los Angeles USA during September 12-14. The company deals with Internet of Things (IoT) solution and promoting the same to various companies across the world.
The MOU has been signed to agree and confirm interest of FIRSTAR and SS Global LLC, USA for
- promoting knowledge of each counterpart and its economic situation, - support in attracting foreign investments and helping each other to exchange advance activities for the industry, - cultivate mutual cooperation among companies and research institutions
The MOU defines a broad understanding of information sharing and encouraging promotion of solutions for industries.

  10th Anniversary Celebration at The Gateway Resort, Ajmer

Yusata Infotech completed its 10th year in August 2018; a decade of innovation and service in the Information Technology sector. Yusata has developed from a Software company to Advance Telematics and IOT company in these 10 years.
The company celebrated anniversary at the Gateway Resort, Pushkar by The Taj Hotel. All the employees with their family members.
The two day celebration had many features planned for enjoyment and cherish success and growth of company.
On the first day everyone enjoyed visit to Adventure park had fun and games, evening dance and musical night, played musical chair and dumb seras; over and above all, had a delicious dinner.
Next day visited Brahma Temple in Pushkar, the only temple of Lord Brahma in the world. In evening we reached back to Jaipur.
During the celebration Mr. Sunil Sharma, Founder along with all the directors of company, Mr. M C Sharma (CEO), Ms. Suman Sharma (Managing Director), Mr. Jayant Arrawatia (Director Sales & Marketing), Mr. Sunil Karwasra (Director- Technology) and Mr. Ravinder Dhayal (Director – Projects) joined with family.
The 10th year celebration became a memorable moment for all the Yusatians and an occasion to be one as a family. Each one filled with new passion and commitment to serve with best technical solutions in coming years.

  New Project of TGCS ASCP Project EBS customization with Creol

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The leading supplier of point-of-sale systems with a worldwide install base larger than any three major competitors combined, Toshiba is committed to delivering innovative commerce solutions that transform checkout, provide seamless consumer interactions and optimize retail operations.
TGCS for Advance Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) product required certain Custom Development for some of the RICE objects including EBS Customization and Oracle BI Reports.
The project is managed by CREOL, all the customization and development work has been done as partners. The team has EBS customization capabilities and has delivered already one custom module.
Currently team is working on developing Technical Design Document and interfaces for conversion of TERIS RICE Object from legacy system to new infrastructure of ORACLE.
Newer territories and capabilities are added with the team.

  Participation at Gitex 2018 Dubai

If you’re talking technology within the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Right from world-famous industry names to Silicon Valley’s hottest startups, everyone heads to GITEX in anticipation of big business partnerships, future-ready gear and booming successes.
Yusata is participating in GITEX for the 2nd consecutive year. The company is in association with DCS USA featuring innovative Telematics solution and IOT products - Temperature sensors, GPS solutions, ELD solution for USA market.
Yusata and DCS provides breakthrough technology support to clients across world.
Visit our booth at GITEX 2018. More details to follow in coming month.

  Stolen Car recovered with YLogApp in Ahmedabad

A client using YLogApp in Ahmedabad reported Car stolen from Gujarat- Rajasthan Border, Ratangarh at 2 am. The driver informed the car missing from the hotel parking at Ratangarh and he searched for it nearby, but in vain.
The car owner Mr. Harshad Patel informed our YLogApp team and requested for live feed of vehicle to track and trace the stolen car. Upon tracking with YLogApp, it was found that the car is parked at a location in Ahmedabad.
Mr. Patel rushed to the location and recovered the car with the accurate location tracking of YLogApp. A police FIR was lodged of car theft, and the GPS trail report was submitted which was accurate and had provided clear understanding of the car movement to Police.
Mr. Patel is now a brand ambassador for YLogApp solution and is part of highly satisfied customer list.

  Message from CEO

Hello Friends,


I congratulate you all for completing successful 10 years of Yusata Infotech; a pride moment for us.
At this occasion, I want to thank the almighty for his blessings bestowed upon us and the strength given to us to contribute towards nation’s growth and our personal growth.
In the initial years of Yusata, we started with a small team and commitment to pave a path of providing quality solutions to foreign market majorly USA. We were a 100% export oriented unit of Software and Technology Park of India.
With the passing years, new and fresh talents were added to the pool, and we sailed through the revolutionary IT industry towards the motto of “bringing technology closer to life”. Our aim is to make better technology and solutions available to enhance productivity and profitability of businesses.
I thank, all my colleagues, staff members, clients, vendors and patrons, who have stood with us on every front of business growth and supported during low moments.
Yusata completed a decade of service in providing quality Telematics solution to the industry and is poised with new energy to excel further in it. Yusata has added its captive Internet of Things (IoT) solution capability, the future of IT industry.
Today, we have partners in USA, Africa and India adding to the growth of company.
I, once again, congratulate each and everyone connected with us or was part with us. As a team we look forward to great decades coming ahead.

With all my best wishes,

Mool Chand Sharma

  Participation at Mobile World Congress in September 12-14, Los Angeles, USA

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 will bring together the brightest minds in the industry today, to imagine what tomorrow could bring.
MWC Americas is not just an event, it is an international gathering of innovative minds with the goal of creating a better future. Attendees will be amazed, motivated and optimistic about the future of mobile technology.
Yusata had participated last year at MWC 2017 in San Francisco and had envisioned prospect in the show with continuous presence.
Hence, Yusata is participating this year at MWC 2018, showcasing Telematics, DOT Log, ELD Solution and IOT Solutions. The booth assigned is No 8.

  Successful Transition of Smartfleet with YLogApp

In the month of June, Yusata’s sister concern company SSGlobal LLC in USA took over DPC Smartfleet with assets like client base, trademarks, logo, business rights and product source codes.
During July 2018, the transition of DPC clients to SS Global commenced with understanding the need of client and what new functions are expected to them. Post these meetings and clarity of new functions required, an integration plan has been set out for use of YLogApp functions.
Yusata’s Solution YLogApp brings in the new features of DOT and Hour of Service, ELD Compliance, Driving Behaviour and additional functions, which satisfies the growing need of the clients.
Both Yusata and SSGlobal LLC is committed to provide the best to SmartFleet clients in USA.

  New territories added with Ingram Micro POD Application

Ingram Micro India Private Limited had south territory to pioneer with the real time E-POD application implementation for their Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad branches. The application is knitted with their internal ERP Solution, helping Ingram Micro keep a trace of their consignments and delivery e-POD in real time.
Further branches of North, East and West were added in July 2018, the new branches which started are Delhi, Ballabhgarh, Kolkata, Pune. These branches have been added to the ERP solution and have direct access to the POD app with API integration.
Further in coming months, new branches will be added – Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Indore and Surat.
Ingram Micro have plans to implement the solution across all major branches in India.

  DPC SmartFleet, TMS solution of USA taken over by SSGlobal LLC, a sister-concern of Yusata Infotech.

"Effective July 1, 2018, DP&C enterprises, LLC has sold its TMS software application "DP&C SmartFleet" to SSGlobal, LLC. This sale includes all the proprietary technology and marketing rights. SSGlobal, LLC is the USA business sister concern of Yusata Infotech Private Limited, a global technology and service provider established in 2008 at Jaipur. Yusata has provided software development services to DP&C Enterprises over the past 10 years, and is well versed in all technical & operating aspects of the DP&C SmartFleet application. SSGlobal LLC is headed by Sunil Sharma, a former partner to DP&C Enterprises.
DP&C Enterprises will continue its professional / consulting services practice, and provide transition support to SS Global over the next 6 months. All current operating modules, user credentials, etc. will stay in effect. We thank the firms who have become DP&C SmartFleet clients & vendors over the last (10) years and look forward to the successful transition to SSGlobal."
With this effect, Smartfleet will have added advantage of YLogApp and it will enhance the technical capability of Smartfleet; providing better experience to the clients and vendors.


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