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A Glorious 2017 passed, beginning of a new year 2018
The year 2017 has been a year of several achievements and innovative strategies being implemented for a prosperous new year. In 2017, we have completed our 9 years of service to the industry with advance telematics solution and ventured into IOT domain too.

Some glimpses of achievements in 2017:
•  Yusata awarded the Solid Waste Management VTS Tender by Malerkotla Municipal Council.
•  Yusata awarded with IOCL Mumbai Vehicle Tracking system and GEO
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Participation at IndiaSoft Exhibition at Grounds Palace, Bengaluru from 24- 25 January 2018
IndiaSoft is a large business networking event that provides a platform for the global buyers and encouraging their fruitful conglomeration with Indian IT Companies. The IndiaSoft exhibition invites exhibitors of various IT domains.
Yusata is a regular participant to the IndiaSoft show, and have been showcasing innovative products and services for immediate market. The exhibition will start from January 24, 2018 and January 25, 2018 at Grounds Palace, Bengaluru.
We have delegates visiting from various countries to explore business opportunities with us and other Indian IT companies.
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Yusata awarded Malerkotla Solid Waste Management Tender
Malerkotla Municipal council published tender for vehicle tracking system to be installed in Solid Waste Management vehicles in the area. The solution will help council keep a track and record of vehicle movements, waste pick and drop, # of times, at what time duration. Yusata Infotech, participated and bagged this solid waste management work order.
This tender win has opened a new service area for Yusata to contribute effective solutions into Solid Waste Management domain of the country. The solution will help Municipal council to effectively monitor the waste collection movement and bring positive change in the overall hygiene and cleanliness of area.
Yusata will be providing them with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution along with monitoring
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Industrial Visit at Yusata Infotech from SIES Engineering College
An Industrial visit of SIES College from Mumbai was planned at Yusata office on December 27, 2017. A total of 48 students and three faculty members visited from IT stream as a part of their Study course and practical understanding of IT industry.
The students and faculty was welcomed by Technical and Marketing department of the company; followed by interaction with students and employees. The students were taken thru a session briefing about the industry and its current transformation.
Mr. Ravinder Kumar Dhayal, Project Manager and Mr. Sunil Karwasra, Director Technology, conducted informative session for the students.
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Media Player in Android
This blog will show media player functionality in android app. With this blog we able to use media player functionality in android app. In this blog we are discuss a simple audio player with basic controls like play, pause, forward, backward and seekbar.
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UIKit Dynamics
How we can add physics properties like gravity, velocity, damping, elasticity, springs etc. to UI components to create awesome animations ? One way to create such a effects is using Core animation framwork but it need to write a lot of code.
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Hibernate Introduction
A major portion of the development of an enterprise application involves the creation and maintenance of the persistence layer used to store and retrieve objects from the database of choice. Many organizations resort to creating homegrown, often buggy, persistence layers.
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Auditing in Oracle
Auditing is about the monitoring and recording of selected user database actions. It will help to track the occurrence of a specific SQL statement or of all SQL statements authorized by a particular system privilege. Auditing operations on SQL statements apply only to subsequent sessions,
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