February, 2019

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Automated Warehouse Management System - A pilot study for Govt. of Rajasthan
Yusata has been selected as an agency to Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation Limited for conducting a Pilot study to upgrade their current warehouse management system. The objective is to achieve better operational efficiency and optimum space utilization of the warehouses and provide better service to the Licensee.
Currently the pilot study aims at:
•   Understanding current warehouse operation system
•   Visiting warehouse locations in Jaipur, Churu, Nagour, Swai Madhopur, Alwar and any other, if required
•   Better Space utilization
•   New techniques of warehouse management
•   Suggesting new design / layouts for efficient material movement
•   Managing loading / unloading bay and labour management
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IOCL Tender - VTS Installation planned from next month in LPG Truck Tanker
As a part of next level implementation of IOCL tender for GEO RTD and VTS system in the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh; Yusata has developed and designed an state-of-art solution for VTS and Voice box installation in the LPG truck tankers.
The gps device along with the voice box is designed in a unique manner to avoid tampering, wire cut and other nuisances that can be caused during the period of tender.
Technical and Hardware team at Yusata
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Expanding Base of Yusata's Development
With the increasing requirement of development and solution for the customers within Indian and USA, Yusata is planning to expanding its base for the development center.
The company is looking at options within the country to provide appropriate support to the development team and meet their client's growing expectation in terms of features and additional sensor based inputs.
Yusata is also interested in adding Channel Partner
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Multi Slider Switch
React native multi slider switch is a three-way selectable switch module that can be used to change status of a task.
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UIVisualEffect in Swift
Suppose you have two array, both are optional. What we need to do that check both array at a time and unwrap theme.
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QR Code Generate Using JAVA
The QR code is a two-dimensional bar code which contains the pieces of information. It is readable in the modern mobile system. It allows encoding 4000 characters in a two-dimensional bar code.
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Adding a Block Volume In OCI VM
Block Volume provides network storage to use with your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances. After you create, attach, and mount a volume to your instance,
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