January, 2018

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India Soft 2018 -A showcase of Indian IT industry to the world.
Yusata Infotech participated at IndiaSoft 2018 held at Parade Ground, Bangalore. It was the tenth consecutive participation of Yusata at the exhibition.
Indiasoft is organized by ESC with support of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Delegates from global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan and Middle East visited on 24-25 January 2018.
Solutions presented were Proof of Delivery (e-POD), Telematics Solution, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution a mandatory requirement for USA market and above all Digital Bluetooth PadLock - NOKE.
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Progress on Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) GEO-RTD Tender
From our last month carry forward, IOCL a Maharatna PSU of India is engaged with us for their LPG Tank tracking as well as GEO Round Trip Distance project for 5 years.
We have already covered 80% of the Geo Round Trip Distance envisaged in the project, overseeing all the source and destination locations. The process includes physical verification of routes and capturing Latitude-Longitude of the plants and mapping them along with shortest and motorable way for LPG Tanks.
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ELD (Electronic Logging Device) a mandatory requirement of DOT, USA
From December 2017, ELD is a mandatory compliance by the Department of Transportation, USA.
The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association is the certifying agency for the ELD solutions developed by many companies. Yusata Infotech have its YLogApp registered and certified by the agency and is fully compliant to support the Motor Carriers to use it immediately.
The ELD solution is available on IPad and can be used easily; it comply with easy record, transmit and store all HOS information according to the functional requirements as detailed in the official ELD mandate.
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Street View in the Google Maps Android API
Google Street View is a service launched by Google and it is used in Google Earth and Google Maps. It provides a 360-degree panoramic view across roads and some specific locations.
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Auto Scroll Collection View
In this document, we are going to implement a Collection View Which is auto scroll. Which you seen in most of the popular application like flipkart, Amazon, etc.
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Lambda expression and Functional interface Predicate
Java 8 has also added a new package called java.util.function, which contains lot of classes to enable functional programming in Java. One of them is Predicate, By using java.util.
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Data Encryption and Decryption in Oracle
Encryption is the process of translating plain text data (plaintext) into something that appears to be random and meaningless (ciphertext). Decryption is the process
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