July, 2019

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Vehicle theft reported and recovered in 30 mins - thanks to YLogApp
Yusata team received an accolade from one of its major clients in India, for being a vigilant app for their vehicles.
The client owns a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles moving across the state of Rajasthan. The client has multiple vehicles in its fleet sizing from Bikes, Cars and Vans.
In the recent happening, when one of its driver assigned with a bike, moved out of premises without information and was not traceable; the control room tracked the bike using YLogApp application and were able to catch hold within 30 minutes of record time.
The control room in-charge informed
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School Bus Tracking Solution - A Boon for School & Parents
Our Intelligent Transport Management System, for the school bus monitoring allows great relief to the School Bus Administrator and the Parents at large.
The system works on its pre-defined and intelligent mapping system, which ensures school bus is monitored, with its pick-up and drop off stops.
An app is available for the Parents to keep a watch on the bus movement during its pick-up and drop off trips. They can view live location along with ETA to their designated stops. Parents receive SMS alert for bus arrival and student pick/drop at the stop.
With schools moving towards efficient and effective use of technology to cater their best services to the society; Yusata is a committed partner with them to be a responsible arm of school in providing its School Bus managements solution to keep parents updated and feel secure.
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Flight 6 internship program at Akshaya Patra
To bring in a holistic development in students, Akshaya Patra had initiated a unique Summer Internship program FLIGHT (Future Leaders for Inclusive Growth and Human Transformation) for the students from premier engineering colleges across the country.
Akshaya Patra reaches out to 1,675,008 children in 33 locations across 12 states of India, providing them with freshly cooked meals on all school days.
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Flutter Basics and Login Design
Flutter is a Google's UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled application for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base. Flutter enables a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. No need to develop an iOS and Android app seperately,
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Stack View In iOS Swift
Stack view manages the layout of its subviews and automatically applies layout constraints for you, creating user interfaces that can dynamically adapt to the device's orientation, screen size, and any changes in the available space. The stack view manages the layout of all the views in its arrangedSubviews property.These views are arranged along the stack view's axis, based on their order in the arrangedSubviews array. The exact layout varies depending on the stack view's axis,
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Comparable Interface
Comparable interface is used to sort the array or List of custom objects , if we need to sort array or List of custom objects then we must have to implement Comparable
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New Background Processes In Oracle Database 12cR2
Mainly there are two process on which Oracle database server code runs i.e. Server Processes and Background Processes. Server Processes are process that handles the requests from user or application processes connected to the instance.
Whereas Background Processes, is to maximize the performance by doing some certain of maintenance activities or dealing with abnormal conditions arising in the database instance. There are number of background processes runs in a system but all the processes are not mandatory.
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