June, 2019

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Parents Tracking App launched for Schools
School bus tracking solution is a major pioneer product of Yusata Infotech.
The offering is highly recommended for the school administration and parents to keep a regular and close watch over the bus movement and child pick drop location. The solution provides real time information over mobile app and alerts to the stake holders.
The parent app features:
- Real time bus tracking                     - Multiple child and bus mapping
- Pick and drop stop geo fence           - Transport History of past dates
- Push notification and alerts
The app will certainly make life of administrator and parent easy.
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Internet of Things IOT solutions available with YLogApp
YLogApp is established in the Telematics domain with enhanced features to support transport manager on every requirement.
The portal and mobile app provides visibility of resources -trucks and fleets, in real time and provides decision making reports.
With the changing times and needs, we have developed capabilities to integrate various sensors and technology using Internet as a platform available within the GPS device to communicate and take action remotely.
Internet of Things concept is successfully integrated into YLogApp in form of temperature sensor, door sensors, humidity and moisture sensors, Oxygen level, water quality and many more.
Yusata Infotech is equipped with best of product and service to address this upcoming domain.
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Utmost reverence on Sixth death anniversary
We thought of you today, but that is nothing new,
We thought of you yesterday and day before that too.
We think of you in slience and often speak your name,
All we have is everlastin memories and your picture in a frame.
We and you can never be apart
God has you in his arms, we have in our hearts.
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Tinder UI Clone
React Native Tinder Clone or Ui for React Native Swipe Cards is similar as swiping functionality in Tinder where a right swipe means "like" and left swipe means "dislike".The card swiper component provides an amazing look and feels to display information.
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Barcode & QR code Scanner In iOS Swift
The AVFoundation framework provides a default implementation to do the same.
Since iOS 11 the native Camera app has built in support for scanning QR codes, eliminating the need for a separate app. However you can also built this functionality into your own app for example when you want it to be more discoverable or want to provide a custom user interface. This can be easily done with the help of the AVFoundation framework.
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In Java SE 8 Oracle introduced lambda expressions with a special type of lambda expressions called Method references . They're often used to create simple lambda expressions by referencing existing methods.
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Oracle Database supports JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data natively with relational database features, including transactions, indexing, declarative querying, and views.
Working with JSON is daily business for Application Express developers. RESTful services typically return JSON, it is frequently used to store configuration or other kinds of flexible data, and JSON also becomes more and more a data exchange format. So we frequently encounter the requirement to parse JSON documents and process data.
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