May, 2019

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One more feather in Yusata's crown "Warehouse Automation for GSM"
Yusata Infotech has opened a new vertical for its India operation in this 2019; it has been a USP of Yusata to provide process automation for industry. The core business of Telematics is being integrated with IoT to provide Logistics and SCM automation, helping organizations achieve better results from resources.
Now, with reverse integration, Yusata is providing Warehouse Automation consultancy and Turnkey Projects for organizations. Utilizing its experience and expertise of overseas valuable customers, a new workspace of Warehouse Automation is created into the ecosystem; brining value added services to its current customers as well as woo new customers in this space.
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Launch of version V2 of Mobile application on Google Play Store
Yusata launched its much awaited, fully feature loaded, new version app - YLOGAPP V2 on Google Playstore last week. The application is re-loaded with new features of Tracking, managing resources on the go, interactive experience for user and a new operational dashboard for quick decision making.
A unique difference in the V2 app than V1, is that it is independent of subscription keys; the moment user log out from app; the key available to be used by other user in the same company; this ease outthe recurring use of limited keys in an organization.
We encourage our clients and user to download the app and share their experience.
To download: click here
For any further assistance please connect on -
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VTS installation in IOCL Auto LPG devices at GSO
IOCL Auto LPG division in Gujarat will install GPS devices in their contracted tankers. We, Yusata Infotech, is already vendor with Western Region Office for GPS Installation and GEO RTD Tender and hence was provided the opportunity to install GPS in their 5 Auto LPG Tankers in Ahmedabad.
We are glad that our solution and system are being used by multiple divisions of IOCL.
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Collapsible Expandable Animated Header
Collapsible Expandable Animated Header is a type of application header(Title Bar-Action bar) used to automatically expandable and collapsible according to the ScrollView. By default the header is Expandable and it automatically collapsible when the user scroll up and it automatically expandable when user scroll down.
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Notification Service Extension in Remote Notification In iOS Swift
It is An object that modifies the content of a remote notification before it's delivered to the user. UNNotificationServiceExtension object provides the entry point for a Notification Service app extension, which lets you customize the content of a remote notification before it is delivered to the user. A Notification Service app extension doesn't present any UI of its own.
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Lambda expressions are new and important feature introduced by SUN MICROSYSTEM in java 1.8 v .lambda expression implements only one abstract function that's why it implement functional interface.
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Access Control List in Oracle
Earlier access to an external package depends on the permission of the single package to the user just like a toggle of yes and no, without any filter on permissions but with time oracle 11g introduces the concept of fine grained access to network services using access control lists in the XML DB repository that allows access to external network services using several PL/SQL APIs which are implemented using the TCP protocol. As ACL are stored in XML DB so XML DB must be installed first for the use of ACLs.
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