October, 2019

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Warm Diwali Wishes!
In India, Diwali - is a major festival for all Indian citizens residing across the world. The festival is a symbol of "Good hails over Evil".
Mr. Mool Chand Sharma, CEO, Yusata Infotech distributed sweets and good wishes to all the staff members and their family. The day was celebrated with firing crackers and a get-together in office premises. Yusata office was decorated with lighting and Diyas everywhere.
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Visit to MWC 2019, Los Angeles, USA
Yusata have earlier participated at the Mobile World Congress, LA, USA for the past 3 years and have visited to the exhibition in 2019, this year.
The visit to MWC 2019 was encouraging to see new technologies in the overall IT domain.
At the MWC, had meetings with new vendors and potential clients who seek Telematics and IOT solutions. The exhibition has been vastly covered with AI, IOT and innovative solutions to support technological advancement within the work-space.
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Proclaiming the new work area in Warehouse Automation and WMS
Yusata has been dealing with automation of Telematics solutions with innovative services, which reliefs great amount of time for the transportation managers and Logistics company.
In our dealing with Logistics and transport companies, we have expertise over the automation of warehouse management as well, which was not launched in the Indian sub-continent. Now the company has entered into this new space to help and provide quality service for the Warehouse industry.

Our solution differs in terms of:
1. Quality service
2. Attention to details
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Custom Alert Dialog - Kotlin
We can customize the alert dialog into interactive UI design using third party libraries. In this blog we are using Alerter library for making custom alert dialog. We will learn how to use the Alerter library to create popup messages in our app. We can give it a title, a text, add an icon to it, change the background color and duration, set an OnClickListener and more.
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Auto Layout from Programmatically Constraints in iOS
Auto layout simple means we describe the position where our interfaces should be, then the system will automatically position the interfaces for us.
Constraints for auto layout are implemented by two ways either by storyboard or by programmatically. There are may importance of making UI by code, firstly storyboard take too much time to open comparatively a .swift file because it recompile whole storyboard every time whenever we visit there. So this the main pro of this and another one it is also easy to access any component in code rather than in a bulky UI structure.
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ThreadPool/ExecutorService(Concurrency Api)
Working with thread class is very error prone so in java 1.5 sun introduced new API named as Concurrency API . In this blog we will discuss about One important feature of Concurrency API i.e ExecutorService.
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Oracle Database Architecture
A database is a collection of data that is treated as a unit. The main purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information when needed within a feasible time and space complexity. Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, which is the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage information and applications. A database server is a key to solving the problems of information management.
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