October, 2020

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Learning via knowledge sharing at Yusata
Learning is essential which keeps us relevant. At Yusata, we weigh learning and put continuous endeavour to have team updated on the things. The learning is not only on technical aspects but also on soft skills, personal front, life lessons etc. Attendance is optional to the knowledge sharing sessions, but team’s enthusiasm is high, and they attend positively every day. The platform brings everyone on the same level where they share thoughts which are helpful for everyone. The team gets a great chance to get in touch with everyone from the organization on daily basis. Members get confidence boost as they present to extended audience.
Since it was started, there are different content which team has presented, and everyone got benefit out of these. From coding best practices to how to improve confidence, from celebration of festivals in a different state to MOOC platforms, from MockUp tools to DB performance increase methods, a lot of things were shared.
We have seen people enjoining these sessions and raising voluntarily to take a session. Team is understanding the value of soft skills along with technical skills. We want everyone to get to a comfortable level where they can confidently talk to customers, understand their concerns, and take care of them. We believe if we take care of our employees then they will take care of the customers.
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YLogForms has introduced WYSIWYG support
YLogForms has introduced WYSIWYG support for the new generation custom form design mechanism. It lets you design a custom form per your requirement. It lets you define you look and feel of the form the way you like it. The user experience is not compromised on mobile app too. Mobile users experience same seamless experience.
PDF design, preview, and printing of the form as well as submitted data enables user to confirm requirement compliance. Turning on and off a form for any user or user role is very easy. Form design screen is self-explanatory and doesn’t require much training.
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Enable File Upload in Android Webview
Android WebView is used to display web page in android. The web page can be loaded from same application or URL. It is used to display online content in android activity. You can also insert text in that page which is shown using web view. But WebView in Android can not open the file selection box directly. In 5.0 Lollipop, Google added an official method, WebChromeClient.onShowFileChooser. They even provide a way to automatically generate the file chooser intent so that it uses the input accept mime types.
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Drawing Foldable and Unfoldable cells in Swift iOS
‘Folding Cell’ means it is a customized cell subclass for ‘UITableviewCell’. It provides a folding/unfolding animation of a cell to display/hide its content.
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The try with resources Statement in Java
CIn Java, the try-with-resources statement is a try statement that declares one or more resources. The try-with-resources statement ensures that each resource is closed at the end of the statement execution. The try-with-resources statement using for Automatic Resource Management(ARM).
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Nohup in Unix/Linux
The ‘nohup’ utility means ‘no hangup’. This is used when we close from the system then all the running programs or processes square measure hangup or terminated. If we wish to run any program when close or exit from UNIX/LINUX operating system, then you have got to use nohup command utilty.we have a tendency to don’t ought to log certain longer time to finish the task of the command, By use of this utility, the scripts on sqlplus and bash commands can be executed as background processes of UNIX/LINUX operating systems.
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