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Outsourcing to Offshore Development Centre is way to go for many reasons. Customer can focus on their core business after outsourcing their development work to offshore. There is no need to manage technical resources in-house thus outsourcing is also cost effective.

Yusata’s ODC (Offshore Development Centre) have excellent team across technologies. Members have extensive experience on respective field while successfully delivering high value projects. Resources are available for Full time as well as Part time assignments. Development or support Team can be built from scratch based on customer requirements. We can set up a dedicated development or support team for you, that will work exclusively under your brand with full-time HRs, recruiters, product managers, marketing, and development team.

We have multiple hiring partners which helps in finding relevant resources. We make sure members assigned to a project, stays on same projects until completion. In an unlikely event of any resource leaving in between, we make sure appropriate resource is made available immediately.


Offshore Development

1. Offshore software development partner for small/mid-sized technology companies
    • Deep experience in product development and testing
    • Full software development life cycle
    • Engagement flexibility: Fixed-Price or Dedicated-Team

2. Reduces risk of development/delivery
    • Experienced management team
    • Light-weight but robust Agile process

3. Reduces cost – dual shore team providing 50% cost advantage

4. Offers long term flexibility – allows (facilitates) taking offshore team captive

Services Offered

1. Development Services (Product Engineering)
2. Web and Mobile app development
3. Cloud Platform (Migration and Managed Services)
4. AWS, OCI, GCP, Azure, OnPre etc
5. Staffing Services
6. Quality Assurance
7. Sales and Marketing Services
8. Hybrid Development
9. Upgrade and Patching services

Technology Stack

Area of Expert Tools/Technology
Database Development Oracle, MySql, MS SQL, Sybase, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Autonomous DB
Web/API/Desktop Development C/C++, Java, .Net, C#, php, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS etc
Mobile App Development Native Android, Native iOS, Hybrid: Flutter, Ionic, React
DevOps Atlassian Bamboo, Jenkins, Pipelines, Puppet, Code build and release management
Reporting OpenText, POI, Crystal Reports, EBS Reporting
Migrations OnPrem to Cloud: OCI/GCP/AWS/Azure. Hybrid Cloud
Staffing Services Project manager, Project Owners, Quality Analysts,
Quality Assurance TDD and BDD, Manual and Automation, RPA
Sales and Marketing Services Branding, Strategy, SEO, Marketing Collaterals, Cold Calling
Upgrade and Patching services DB and server security upgrades and patches

Resources Available

1. Project/Delivery Managers
2. Product owners/Scrum Masters
3. Software and Solution Architects
4. Business Development Specialists
5. Software Developers (Java, .Net, C#, php, AngularJS, NodeJS etc)
6. Quality Analysts (Manual, Automation, BDD, TDD etc)
7. Cloud Architects and migration experts
8. DevOps engineers
9. UI/UX and Graphics Designers
10. Marketing specialist

Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

Performance Metric Description
Response Time •  Response time to any Customer Query during development phase is less than 24 hours during week days
•  Response time to any Customer Complaint/End User Complaint is less than 8 hours during week days
•  Response time for any Critical/Show Stopper type issues is 4 hours during week days
Severity I incidents during production phase •  Response time is 30 minutes
•  Start resolution within 2 hours
•  Status reports every 4 hours
Severity II incidents during production phase •  Response time is 60 minutes
•  Start resolution within 4 hours
•  Status reports every 8 hours

Agile Development

•  Agile development is the ability to develop software quickly, in the face of rapidly changing requirements
•  Agility is achieved by adhering to well understood practices, discipline, and feedback
•  Various flavors are practiced in the industry – SCRUM, Adaptive Software Development, etc.
•  Agile approach values:
    •  Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    •  Working software over comprehensive documentation
    •  Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    •  Responding to change over following a plan

Why Agile ?

It is just more suitable for fast moving companies
- Builds software which is more likely to delight customers
    •  Embraces “changing requirements” as a positive,
    •  Allows more innovation - relieves the product managers of the fear of committing to an irreversible change

- Builds better quality, robust code

- Provides better visibility and delivery predictability to management

It lends itself well for working effectively with offshore/ distributed development teams
- Quick release cycles (Sprint) and scrum make the efforts put in by the offshore team more visible leading to trust
- Requires less onerous documentation around requirements, thereby main bottleneck in leveraging offshore is dramatically reduced

Agile in Practise

Core practices, widely adopted
- Small, collaborative teams, 5 to 8 team members
- Frequent and intense communication – in-person, IM Chat, email, conf-call/skype, video-conf, etc.
- Delivering working software in short iterations (Sprints) ~ 2 weeks, time-boxed, demo & customer feedback
- Initial requirements captured as “user stories”, welcome changing requirements
- Continuous integration

Other practices, with limited following
- Test driven development
- Pair programming
- Peer review

Agile in Practise JIRA Workflow

Agile with offshore team

Inherent limitations
- Customer-Vendor “contractual” relationship
- Face-to-face communication with “customer” limited/non-existent
    •  Geographical boundaries
    •  Conf-calls limited due to time-zone and connection quality issues
- Business context difference may make requirements difficult to understand, requiring more detailed docs

Inherent advantages
- Geographical dispersion forces requirements to be written, elaborated, and in that process analyzed upfront
- Forces good development processes – bug tracking, version control, daily builds, automated testing, wiki, etc.
- More focused teams, less likely to be distracted
- Cost advantage allows proper staffing to handle the Agile discipline – TDD, test automation, etc.

Agile offshore Summary

•    While Agile is a sound approach, it is often misunderstood and abused in practice
    - Agile is not an excuse for no documentation, no requirements analyse, no planning, etc.
    - US teams are often short-staffed – can’t handle TDD, etc.
•    Offshore location of dev team forces a “appropriate discipline” striking effective balance
•    Lack of “face-time” forces written, albeit informal, communications – which forces clarity and minimizes misunderstanding
•    Offshore team allows cost effective resource augmentation, to handle the Agile discipline

Managed Services





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