"DP&C Enterprises, LLC, a USA based supply chain solution company who provides professional services & branded products to the market place, has employed Yusata Infotech services since 2007. Over the last (5) plus years , Yusata Infotech has been contracted by DP&C to provide software development, as well as targeted integration services. DP&C has commercialized two DP&C branded products during this period----DP&C SmartFleet & DP&C Suites. At DP&C's direction and design, Yusata Infotech successfully provided software development services using multiple Java tools and Oracle database."

Keith Spero, President, DP&C Enterprises LLC

"Yusata is an outstanding software development company that has consistently delivered quality applications on our behalf. They have taken our business model to the next level by truly understanding and enhancing our requirements, implementing applications using java, iPhone and droid technologies. Coventry Enterprises considers Yusata an extension of our corporate arm and trust that they will continue to deliver on future projects in an effective and efficient manner."

Robin Campbell, CIO, Coventry Enterprises LLC


"Top professionals! They cracked an extremely difficult project involving complex technology. Even though the project turned out to be much more complex than expected, we have never heard a word of complaint from Yusata team. Instead they strived harder to accomplish the task. Yusata will undoubtedly be our choice number one for any project."

Robert Bullman, CEO, Accel Services Inc

"Yusata is an innovative and professional company that has provided Achievement Technologies with valuable software development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Yusata, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Yusata is a great company to work with!"

Maggie Kuchy, President, Cornerstone IT

"I am very pleased with my working relationship with Yusata Infotech. They were able to turn the project around in a timely manner which seemed effortless to them. Their team of web and mobile developers were quick to respond to my inquiries and easily conceptualized the ideas we had intended for the project. They are a very professional group of individuals that I look forward to working with in the future."

Sushil Sharma, SAP Consultant

"Yusata have been dedicated to the job, and the satisfaction of us and our customers. The Yusata team has gone the "extra mile" whenever needed and are responsive both day and night. Quality Assurance testing and Documentation are delivered as expected and issue resolution has been logical and pragmatic from diagnosis through resolution."

David E. Williams, President, Strategic IT Consulting




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