Now no more Queue for event pass...

HopTheLine is online service provides you instant pass purchasing of worldwide upcoming & ongoing event in more secure manner. HopTheLine connects businesses to customers in real-time. It provides facility to create, share, join of your own events. It provides you to search events according to your interest. HopTheLine is benefical for both event organizers and buyers. You can share your interests, events using popular social network such as twitter, facebook etc.

HopTheLine app is also available for iPhone and Android phone. So no need to access your laptop or computer, get pass anywhere anytime by tapping some fingers.

For Business

Your customers hate waiting in line, Use HopTheLine.

HopTheLine provides business to organize events all over the world. HopTheLine contains following key features for business prespective:

Event Scheduling :
Business can schedule their events for free using online service. With out flexible scheduling model, you can sell a HopTheLine (HTL) Pass ahead of time, or at the start of an event. Whenver you schedule any event we send promotion mail to your customers.

Connect With Social Network :
HopTheLine provides you to connect & share with social network such as facebook and twitter to share your events automatically with your valuable users. There are many people willing to pay a premium to get into your bar, onto your golf course, a seat at your table or for like we said be creative. Your followers deserve some VIP opportunities!

Google Maps Integration :
How your customers reach the event place?? HopTheLine integrate google maps so that customers can easily find place and direction to or from any place. They are only a click away once they reach your event details page. We offer an additional convenience for GPS enabled devices by auto-populating the current location.

Secure HTL Pass Validation :
The host of the event need only to enter the code into our secure validation page and we'll give the go-ahead. Customer also dont need to take any ticket to the place, show secure pass code or QRCode and get entry.

For Member

HopTheLine provides instant access to your favorite events....

HopTheLine contains following key features for member prespective:

Instant Access :
Need instant access to a restaurant, bar, night-club or event! Why wait? HopTheLine helps you find your way in the door right now! Using our map based search from an internet browser or mobile phone, you can locate and buy a pass to that favorite hotspot.

Event Sharing :
whenver you parchase any event pass, you can share & invite your friends to join you. By following your likes through your preferred social media outlets, you will be alerted of opportunities to HopTheLine!

Get Direction To Your Event :
HopTheLine provides you a single click facility to reach at your event place or where you are currently standing and instantly receive directions. Purchase, share, turn by turn directions.

Secure Pass Purchasing :
Don't worry about your debit cards. We provide you secure payment functionality to purchase pass using PayPal & Google Checkout from anywhere. Now you can safely purchase pass and get secure code instantly or in your mailbox.

Full Screenshot Tour

  • Home Page

    HopTheLine is online service provides you instant pass purchasing of worldwide upcoming & ongoing event in more secure manner.

  • Login Page

    Business or member can login using unique email id and password.

  • User Account

    After user login, My account provides all the features from user can perform many task according to their access level.

  • Events

    In events business can generate events and member can view different events worldwide of different business.

  • Buy Panel

    Here member can see how many pass available and price of them and can start purchasing.

  • Purchase Form

    Purchase form display complete information about the event and purchasing details.

  • Purchase Receipt

    Purchase confirmation gives member the receipt of purchased pass with unique pass code with qrcode.

  • Direction Panel

    Direction panel gives member direction from or to a specified location to the event location.

  • Direction

    Directions gives member the direction step by step with total time and distance.

  • Contact Panel

    For member in contact panel business contact person details given so that they can contact then.





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