Ylog is a smart phone/device app to support individual or business to maintain their driver logs. It is the replacement of manual log entry of drivers. Using this driver can easily and quickly maintain their logs to get more accurate graphs and reports.

Ylog supports GPS, using that Administrator can trace all vehicles and drivers at real-time. Vehicle log used to trace vehicle positions. Administrator can analyze reports to manage business working.

An administrator can easily dispatch trips and can schedule according the drivers. During trips administrator can know the position of Vehicle and Driver both. That helps to maintain day to day schedule of vehicles and drivers.

Ylog also supports different Departments of Transportation Rules and Regulation. To maintain all laws system automatically sends mails and alerts to administrator and driver to minimize rules violations. Using this functionality administrator or driver keep away themselves from the punishment of rules violations.

For Business

Y-Log contains following key features respective to business:

•  Multi Driver and Vehicle registration and maintenance.
•  Device and Device-Driver authentication to maintain security.
•  Server side syncing facility
•  Administrator can set profile according his/her interest.
•  Administrator can trace any vehicle and driver any time.
•  Reports to analyze day to day working.
•  Easy to dispatch trips.
•  Notification and alerts, support to avoid rules violation.
•  Geographical fences to support automatically trip terminations.

For Member

Y-Log contains following key features respective to member:

•  Manual work of driver minimize in this.
•  Driver can easily maintain 15 days logs in his/her authenticated devices.
•  Ylog supports driver to sync his/her all data to server database.
•  Real-time positioning using GPS.
•  Dispatch trip, to get all trip details.
•  Notifications and alerts to avoid rules violation.
•  Vehicle Inspection sheet.

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  • Login Panel

    User can login with user name and password.

  • Driver Panel

    Admin can view registered driver.

  • Vehicle Panel

    Admin can view, add, edit new and registered vehicle.

  • Device Panel

    Admin can view deatils about the registred devices.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin can add,edit,view driver, vehicle, device, dispatch, report etc.

  • Driver Registration

    Admin register driver and creates its login id and password.

  • Vehicle Registrataion

    Admin can register vehicle with detail such as vehicle number, type, gps unit no, mrg year, fuel type etc.

  • Device Detail

    Admin can view registerd devices detail such as name, udid, model, carrier, description.

  • Company Registration

    A New company registerd after filling its details and use app.

  • Profile Setting

    Admin, user and company can set their default profile setting.

  • Company Edit

    Company can edit its some details in profile after login.

  • Vehicle Log

    Admin can view any selected vehicle log and select another.

  • Maintenance Detail

    Admin can View and edit maintenance details.





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