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  YLogApp Is Now VAPT Certfied By Security Brigade Infosec Pvt. Ltd

YLogApp Is Now VAPT Certfied By Security Brigade Infosec Pvt. Ltd
Client's satisfaction has always been our major concern and our endeavors have been on maintaining enhanced support system. Hence, our solution, YLogApp, has undergone a thorough Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing, ensuring safety and security of clients data, and have no issue accessing our application.
Vulnerability assessment is a process in which the IT systems such as computers and networks, and software such as operating systems and application software are scanned


to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities using industry standard tools.
YLogApp has passed all the tests successfully. CERT registered agency - Security Brigade Infosec Pvt. Ltd has certified YLogApp with VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) certificate.

  Go Solar, Go Green

Yusata remain committed to live by its philosophy ‘bringing technology closer to life' by accepting new innovations in the field of technology. Major benefit of accepting the latest innovation in the field of technology, solar power, is that if any commercial utility installs this solar power system, then they can get depreciation benefit against taxation.
One of the biggest benefits of solar powered systems, both in the short term and in the long term, is the reduction of environmental impact. As a renewable, clean energy, solar power can significantly reduce production of pollution and harmful greenhouse gases.
Yusata Infotech is a commercial consumer, using 100 Units of electricity daily, that goes for Net Metering based solar power solution. The installed solar panels of capacity 20KW produce 90 Units of electricity daily. So as per net-metering, daily billing gets reduced to 100-90 = 10.
When it is not a working day or the commercial office has holiday, then it uses only 5 units on these days instead of the usual 100. But Solar Power has no holiday and it produces 100 Units daily and so for these off- days, the generation is 180 Units and consumption is only 10 units. In such case, the extra units get credited to the user account and balanced off whenever used for the next time. On working days, grid electricity consumed is @100units/day, billing is for 0 units whereas they already have 80 Units in account.
This balancing is done for each billing cycle and the new bill, NET BILL is total units consumed – solar units produced. Hence, the Net-Metering On-Grid Solar Power system lowers the demand of electricity from the grid and the system will pay for itself over the medium term by significantly lowering electricity costs. Such a system will feed electricity directly into the building’s main/LT panel and result in reduction of annual electricity bill. Excess units are exported back to the grid through net-metering scheme.

  Client Visit in United States

Yusata established as an 100% Export oriented unit for the first 5 years under STPI, and had clients from United States. Clients satisfaction is our utmost concern and major endeavors have been on maintaining client satisfaction and enhanced support system.
Recently our Director Marketing, Mr. Jayant Arrawatia was in United States and had a series of meetings with existing as well as new prospective clients. In the visit, concerns and avenues for better service were identified for mutual benefits.
Some concrete partnership initiated as well for new products for Yusata Infotech along with new clients added to the pool.

  ADTT Software Especially Designed To Support RTOs And Motor Driving Schools

Road Transport Offices (RTO) across India is now upgrading themselves with the best in available technology to ensure better driving capability of the applicant. The department is now using Automated Driving Test Tracks, reducing the manual intervention and possibility of error.
In India, many states are using Sensor based technology to automate the driving tests.
ADTT software is especially designed to support RTOs and Motor Driving Schools to manage or conduct flawless, accurate and automated test results.
The whole process involves IOT technology and the unique video analytics using HD Cameras and sensors like beam sensor, RFID, Biometric and image verification tools to accurately identify the candidate for test and on test.
This technology brings no human intervention at any stage, thus ensuring flawless result mechanics.
Yusata has developed ADTT software for the Indian RTOs and have received enquiries from other parts of the world like Middle East, Europe and Asia. Moreover, animated video has been developed for better understanding of the solution. We have been encouraged by the response nationally as well as internationally.
Below is the link for ADTT :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AkiOOHh8sE


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