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  Enhanced Capabilities to support various Industries:

YLogApp, is a highly sophisticated Resource Tracking solution available to various industries- logistics, transportation, education, government, delivery service industry etc. The software is available in SaaS model and yearly rental basis.
But, we have not developed it to work on basics, it is designed to support enhanced capabilities of vehicle; support better decision making of management, proactive


safety & security, consistent reporting, tracking history, real time alerts and notifications, fuel efficiency, reduce operational cost and optimize resource, improve dispatching, Reduce and Simplify administration tasks.
YLogApp serves as a Platform which is readily available to connect with Crash Technology, Driving Behavior, Vehicle Sensor Inspection, Remote Vehicle Health Management, Vehicle Analytics, consistent reporting, tracking history, real time alerts and notifications, fuel efficiency, reduce operational cost and optimize resource, improve dispatching, Reduce and Simplify administration tasks.
Various enhancement attachment with the product makes it a unique and highly acceptable solution available in the market. Several industries can be served or catered with this single application.
The organization is now establishing itself as an IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider company.

   Empanelment with Dubai Trade

Yusata Infotech is now an empanelled vendor of Dubai Trade. The empanelment brings in an opportunity of making available Yusata Product - YLogApp to the affiliates and members of DUBAI TRADE.
Dubai Trade is the premier trade facilitation entity that offers integrated electronic services from various trade and logistics service providers in Dubai under a single window. It underlines Dubai’s position as the ideal base for trading across borders with its unique geographical location, excellent infrastructure and seamless processes across the private sector and government agencies.
Both the parties see a mutually beneficial business relationship supporting each other in varied ways.

   Yusata Foundation day Celebration

Message from CEO:
Yusata is marching ahead towards a successful journey; another milestone achieved - completing 8 years in service.
The efforts and hardwork of team put together all these years serve as the Pillars of Strength in building a successful organization. The driving motto of company: "bringing technology closer to life" is the inspiration behind every effort.
I extend my sincere gratitude to all the clients and vendors who have put faith and trust for all these years and will remain our patron and guiding force for years to come. Thank you for being with us.
The company is committed to provide Quality service and solutions to the industry with best support.
Our product YLogApp has upgraded our position from a service provider to a Product Company.
On this occasion, I thank each and everyone connected with Yusata and share the joy of growing together.

Together we stand high…..
Moolchand Sharma

   Automated Driving Test Track Solution now available

Road Transport Offices (RTO) across India is now upgrading themselves with the best in available technology to ensure better driving capability of the applicant. The department is now using Automated Driving Test Tracks, reducing the manual intervention and possibility of error.
In India, many states are using Sensor based technology to automate the driving tests.
We have been provided an opportunity by a State Transport Office from South India to develop Automated Driving Test Tracks (ADTT) using Video Analytics. The advance technology to be deployed on the RTO Test tracks.
This technology will use no sensors but will provide an Eagle View with the help of high-tech video cameras and a sophisticated Software which will run real time analytics on the driver's driving ability.
This is a new technology for the Indian market, but well accepted by various State RTO offices in India. This method reduces the recurring cost of sensors and other operative structure of the test.
ADTT solution is now ready with Yusata Infotech.

   Yusata shifting to new building

We are glad to share with you happy news of Yusata Infotech moving into its New Building at Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. India.
During its Foundation day, the company will move into New office at 84/122, Sector 8, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur 302023.
The new building is designed with state-of-the-art technology, lab room, new cubicals and area for staff, director's cabin & guest rooms. A dedicated server room has been deployed as well.
The premises will be constantly monitored video IP Cameras and Video Analytics tool, making it a secure area of working.
This will be a new beginning of Yusata's growth story.

   Yusata Foundation Day

It's time for celebration, August will be the month of Yusata Foundation day. It is a month to remember and connect with all our partners, vendors, clients, and known members who makes our Yusata Family complete.
The month is a resemblance of Growth and persistent efforts for all Yusata connection. This will be the 8th year of Yusata Infotech existence.
The company growing year on year, achieving higher benchmark of quality and customer service.
It is time to say "THANK YOU" to all who have showed their trust and consumed our services.

   Reaching out to the education sector

Yusata proposes an automated system of Real Time Attendance system with enhanced capability of GPS School Bus tracking.
School bus is a common facility provided by the school nowadays; every parent is concerned to know the safety and security of their child during the transit period and till he/she reaches back home.
Our Intelligent Transport Management System, provides real time information of the school bus and its movement. The features include: real time alerts, ETA SMS to parents, student-stop management, Reports, Stops Geo-fence management, capability to integrate with RFID & Biometric system, etc.
The school entrance is automated with the Real Time Attendance system, capable of marking attendance of more than 200 students in a single movement. The solution is deployed on local server as well as web server, allowing 24x7 access to the School Management. This system ensures Student presence and absent marking automatically.
Further developments are underway to make School Bus a safe journey ride for children.

   Client Satisfaction - our utmost concern

Yusata have been working closely with NCS on providing GPS services across India with their strategic team's presence.
NCS has been dealing with a client having large fleet size; the client had GPS system installed from other vendor, but not satisfied with the overall performance and the reports received.
Yusata sent his technical team to the client site and had a detailed meeting with the officials; understanding every point of concern to them. A proposal was submitted to the client with all technical details and approach to satisfy the requirements.
The client appreciated overall solution structure and agreed to switch its existing fleet on YLogApp portal.
NCS has been thoroughly delighted to get an appropriate solution for his client.

   Increase profitability with peripheral devices talking to your tracking unit

With the ever increasing demand of information flow, in real-time, it is always challenge to fulfill this demand. Cost in terms of time and monetization is a primary factor to introduce new solutions. It is also vital to maximize utilization of your resources to lower this cost. Employees reluctance towards new systems exacerbate the situation. They tend to be sophisticated in using a system and don’t adhere to frequent changes. While some might not aware of the power that a GPS unit in their vehicle contain within it, it is important to identify the potential of GPS devices. Many people consider them only to provide location data – either real-time or on demand but possibilities with a GPS device are endless.
Businesses use GPS device to keep an eye on their drivers about where they have been all the time. Integrating a peripheral unit with a GPS device can provide additional data then just the location information. A lot of peripheral units can possibly transmit data over the serial/analog or digital communication mechanisms. A very basic example of peripheral is to connect a driver id reader with GPS device. Drivers equipped with their personal driver id key fobs need to touch it to the reader to start the vehicle. GPS device captures this information from reader and transmits with the usual location information. This is useful to identify who is driving the vehicle at what time. It also reduces the possibilities of exchanging vehicles by drivers without Admin’s consent and in case of any damage to vehicle, culprit can be identified.
Business plans and presentations have been discussed to identify specific industry approach with domain Next level in peripheral is to have a custom build circuitry design to fulfill a particular need. It can be inputting driving hours, calculating fares with location information at the end of trip, a panic/SOS button, RFID reader to identify students/passengers/equipment in/out of vehicle, a camera to capture and feed on-demand photos. Yusata specializes in designing and developing custom solution at the customer demand. We have success stories in which we have provided measurable benefits to businesses by providing out technology stack. Our aim is to utilize existing resources to lower the cost, increase productivity which leads to a better business model with tangible ROI.

  Video Analytics Lab setup at Jaipur Office

Yusata Infotech and Synesis, Moscow had signed an agreement in year 2015 leveraging each others' business synergy to integrate Telematics solution with Video Analytics.
The partnership had advanced ahead with a state-of-art Video Analytics Lab setup in Jaipur Office of Yusata Infotech. The KIPOD server has been installed to test and perform various analytical tools at the premises.
Mr. Sadaiv Panchal, from Yusata office is in command for Video Analytics Lab setup.
This lab will prove to be a breakthrough in defining the advance level of security feature for organizations. The KIPOD Video Analytics solution is a proactive mechanism, which performs analysis in real time over the video stream and triggers alerts for the user upon an incident.

Various features supported by KIPOD are -
•  Multi-purpose video analytics module for side view cameras and sparse events
•  Provides object detection, classification (human/vehicle) and tracking using a 3D spatial calibration
•  Provides meta-data for fast video content search
•  Generate events: tripwire (line or polyline) crossing
•  Zone motion
•  Object stopping
•  Object loitering
•  Object abandoned or removed
•  Filters rain, snow, shadows, insects and birds

Newer milestones will be achieved with Video Analytics. It is an upcoming technology for the Indian market to adopt and enhance its safety - security features.

   Kaizer Business Concepts new Strategic Channel Partner in Ahmedabad with Yusata Infotech

Kaizer Business Concepts Private Limited, consultancy service provider based at Ahmedabad has signed a Strategic Channel Partner agreement with Yusata Infotech. Kaizer have strong presence in the large corporate and government sector, this partnership will enhance the overall business solution capabilities of both the parties.
Kaizer will promote products like Telematics Solution, Fuel sensor, IOT solutions, Video Analytics and GPS solutions of Yusata in the territory. This strategic agreement will ensure better leverage and project implementation capabilities in Gujarat and Pan India.
Business plans and presentations have been discussed to identify specific industry approach with domain expertise.
The agreement was signed amongst Mr. Bhaumik Thakar and Mr. Milan Patel of Kaizer and Mr. Jayant Arrawatia from Yusata Infotech at Ahmedabad. The initial term of agreement is for two years and will be mutually extended for further period.

  Expanding territory - Yusata Infotech Office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

It gives us great pleasure to inform our patrons that we have opened new office at Ahmedabad location.
The New office address is:
Yusata Infotech Private Limited
B-406, Dev Aurum,
Opp. Madhur Hall, Prahladnagar Rd,
Ahmedabad 380 015.

This office will provide strategic marketing and sales support to the Western India market and clients. New marketing staff will be deployed to strengthen the market presence and support to existing clients in that region.
Mr. Anurag Wakode will be office incharge and can be reached on +91 9426315106 or 079-40081584.

  Unveiling Alert Box for Exam Paper distribution

Internet of Thing (IOT) domain is making impact in very space of day to day life, developing simpler and effective tools to monitor problem areas.
Using IOT Domain, Yusata Infotech has designed an "ALERT BOX" to help Education Boards to monitor their exam question paper and answer sheet movement in a secure environment. The objective is to avoid any exam paper leak or nullification of exam.
As per the Education experts - "for any reason if the exams are cancelled or rescheduled, it proves to be a big loss for the country and students. Every exam brings financial burden of several crore and resources mobilization across the country. Hence, our endeavor is to avoid any scenario or incidence to cancel or reschedule examinations."
We have been successful in designing and developing Alert Box after understanding every single requirement of the user. We tested in various scenarios to ensure it is durable and 100% proven to support the cause of education board.

The features of Alert Box are:
•   IOT Designed
•   Continuous tracking
•   Opening and Closing alerts
•   Geo Fence / Point of Interest Management
•   Long battery life
•   Shock and Tamper proof
•   Robust Alert mechanism
•   Magnetic and Push sensors
•   24X7 Web portal access
•   Various Reports for decision making
•   100% safe and secure

The box is available on rental as well as one-time purchase options.
Further details can be availed from sales@ylogapp.com

  Participation at 2nd Smart Cities Exhibition at New Delhi, 11-13 May 2016

Exhibitions India, an event organizing company has planned 2nd Smart Cities Exhibition at New Delhi from 11-13 May 2016 at Pragati Maidan. The exhibition aimed at bringing together the companies with capabilities to contribute in the Smart Cities Project of GOI. The major emphasis was on Internet of Things (IOT) concept and solutions towards safety, security and better living of the cities.
We participated in the exhibition and was allotted booth # C-71.
The exhibition had planned Mayors' Conclave, country specific arena, various speakers on topic of concern in Smart Cities.

We presented our IoT solutions :
•   Telematics Solutions
•   Video Analytics
•   IoT developments
•   E-Healthcare Video
•   Development capabilities as per requirements.

During the exhibition, we had received warm responses from the visitors, who were interested in taking up solutions for their need; it has been fortunate to receive interest from various Govt. Departments who were interested to provide Proof of Concept projects for their work.

  Automatic School Attendance System

YLogApp - Telematics solution is used as an Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS) in various schools of India. The solution aims at providing automated school bus tracking and student management solution.
We have received various enquiries for Automated school attendance system from the management to capture the presence of student in school. This solution allows following features

a) Online School attendance system
b) Online Student Management
c) Student - Sensor mapping
d) Real time attendance upon entry and exit
e) Easy mapping and assigning of tags
f) Various reporting formats
   • Student present report
   • Student absent report
   • Entry time stamp
   • Exit Time stamp
   • Real time SMS to parents ( optional)

This solution aims at bringing mundane work managed by technology and ensure efficient use of administrative staff.
With this solution, we would encourage schools to use technology for such work and put resources for better work in the institute.
For more details and pricing structure, please send an email on sales@ylogapp.com

  Participation at 2nd SMART CITIES Expo, 11 -13 May 2016 at Delhi

Smart Cities, a Central Government project to develop cities with smart tools and technology to manage its route and day-to-day work online. Total 20 cities have been identified to be developed as SMART CITIES. Projects pertaining to various work have been identified to make them automated for the benefit of Municipal departments as well as citizens to access services and make ease of line.
We are presenting solutions for Telematics solutions, market development, Video Analytics and others.

We request you to kindly visit our Booth no # C71; we will be eagerly waiting for your visit.

  Appointment of Channel Partner in Europe

We are glad to inform and announce our Channel Partner appointment in the European territory, M/s. POICON Gmbh. The company already dealing in GPS technology and have sound know-how of the solutions. Mr. Stefan has been in discussion with Yusata Infotech for a long time now, and had showed his interest to represent Yusata Solutions in the European Market.
Channel Partner agreement has been signed and Yusata agreed to provide White-labeled product to POICON for smart devices - Android & iOS. For more details on European market, please contact ylog.sales@yusata.com

  COMEX 2016, Muscat participated during 12-16 April 2016

Participation in COMEX 2016 at Muscat, Oman had been an interesting exhibition to showcase Telematics Solution. Oman allows better opportunities for IT firms to collaborate and provide state-of-art technology for better resource mobilization and monitoring. Yusata already have a Channel Partner Apex E-Commerce, Mr Ahmed Al Siyabi who is representing solutions in the country.
During the exhibition, Mr. Indra Mani Pandey, Ambassador of India in the Sultanate of Oman had visited our booth # 514 and extended his best help to explore and expand business opportunities in the Oman country. He had invited us to the Embassy office for a meeting on developing better relations with Omani companies and opportunities available to Indian IT Companies.

Our Channel Partner, Mr. Ahmed is confident to promote YLogApp, Crash Technology and Video Analytics to the Omani market and develop a great business start there.

  Participation at Comex 2016 at Muscat

The leading authorities in charge of expanding the ICT infrastructure in Oman are gathered under COMEX's roof. ITA, Oman Fiber Optics, the main telecom operators Omantel and Oredoo, Microsoft and market leaders such as MGIT, Jawad Sultan and many other of key role in driving the growth in the market will be demonstrating latest technologies and solutions for business needs. The E-Government Pavilion will host more than 30 government authorities from various sectors to showcase their plans to develop their e-services to the public and business sector.
A 3 dimension scene of the country's ICT initiatives.
Yusata's participation at Comex will be with an objective of expanding its base of Telematics solutions in Oman and GCC countries. We have already appointed a Channel Partner in Oman, with their help and marketing efforts, we look at increasing our share. Our aim will as well be to work closing with Oman IT industry in providing innovative products like Video Analytics, Automated Driving Test Tracks, Fuel Sensor and other IoT concepts.
We invite all interested parties to Booth No 514 at COMEX 2016 from 12th April to 16th April 2016

  Case Study- Bhaskar Food tracks vehicle misuse & claims recovery with help of YLogApp

Bhaskar Food Products is a leading name in the Snacks industry in India. The brand LitenFit is popular across all the state.
The company owns a large distribution network Pan India and manages distribution from its Ahmedabad manufacturing unit. It has a fleet size of 16 vehicles including Pickup trucks, Semi-body Trucks like Eicher, Tata Ace and Bolero Passenger Vehicle.

As the company manages its own distribution network and supply the material across India through its owned fleet only, it was important for the organization to keep a track of vehicles and reduce unauthorized fleet movement. The major issue was - Driver using vehicles for their personal use and purpose.

Yusata approached with Telematics solution to implement in their vehicle and keep constant track in the Android app. The first vehicle to implement tracking service was the Mahindra Bolero Passenger truck. The vehicle was fitted with CalAmp, USA device for the purpose. Yusata believes in providing quality service to its client; CalAmp devices are the best in Quality and the organization was as well interested in quality product only.

Success Situation:
In few days, the Bolero sent for a delivery of goods in Gujarat territory. The driver had informed management about his wife being pregnant and might need to go to native place for any emergency; to which management agreed. Same day, driver informed management in evening that he need to rush for native place to support his wife. The management traced his position through YLogApp web portal access and found that driver was in Abu Road, Rajasthan, which is not his village.
Mr. Sanjay, owner of Bhaskar Foods, telephoned driver and asked for his location, which he lied said " I am in village with wife"; Mr. Sanjay gave his right location with the help of YlogApp and told him to report immediately.
Driver being shocked knowing real time information available with the owner, rushed vehicle to Gujarat territory, left keys and ran away. The company had to recover the vehicle from its location through YLogApp solution.

"YlogApp has helped me to keep track of my drivers and their movements, knowing their real time location allows me to manage my work force effectively."

Mr. Sanjay, owner, Bhaskar Food Products

  Expanding network in Oman with Apex E Commerce as Channel Partner

Apex Ecommerce, Oman based Smart technology company dealing in innovative and smart solutions for Government as well as Retail market partnered with Yusata Infotech to promote YLogApp- Smart Telematics solution and Video Analytics application in the Oman and other GCC countries.

The partnership took place at the INDIA SOFT 2016, in Mumbai. Both the companies have signed up Channel Partner agreement in the presence of dignitaries from Oman IT Industry and Indian IT Industry.

Following Smart features of YLogApp will soon be available in Oman Telematics market:
Driving Behavior
Crash Detection
Proof of Delivery
DOT Logs

We are glad to have Apex Ecommerce as our partner in Oman. Please visit us at COMEX 2016 for more innovative solutions

  YLogApp hits the European Market with Munic App stores

Hooray!!! YLogApp is now available in European market with its presence over Munic App Store.

Munic is a GPS device manufacturing company with fantastic and quality oriented devices to serve the Telematics industry.
The YLogApp Enterprise version is available online for the users to subscribe from the App Store. YLogApp is underway to suit its European clients and local requirements for better and effective user friendly version too.
Kindly visit the site: www.munic.io for more information.

  E-Proof of Delivery (POD) is new milestone achieved in YLogApp

Proof of Delivery is an important document in the service industry; a proof which confirms the delivery of product / service to the client and receiving feedback on it.
This feature can be managed by Web Portal access to the administrator, who can assign the Order delivery to a Driver using the dispatch management tool of YLogApp. In real time the driver is updated with the Order dispatch details.
YLogApp, a telematics platform is now equipped to serve the industry with Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePod).
The POD report includes the following:
• Consignor Details
• Consignee Details
• Order # , Date,
• PO #
• Product / Service Description
• Quantity details
• Accepted quantity
• Image of any change / defect / non compliance
• Comments
• Digital Signature
The report can be downloaded in PDF format for immediate reference.
Delivery of order can be tracked in real time from its source until the destination with YLogApp platform.
POD feature is a perfect match for the following customers: Courier, Delivery Van, distribution houses, etc. Companies can use the Smart Devices - Android or iOS available with the driver to use this feature; making it a highly cost effective preposition to use and enhance better service to the client.
For a demo, please get in touch at ylog.sales@yusata.com

  YLogApp participated at INDIA SOFT 2016 show at Mumbai

We take this opportunity to Thank our foreign delegates who have participated with us at the INDIA SOFT 2016 at Mumbai held on 3-4 March 2016. Yusata Infotech had been a regular Exhibitor to the show for the past 5 years. The invited foreign delegates were from USA, Mexico, France, Moscow, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Chile, Germany and Kenya. Approximate 40 delegates have been invited to the show, who can positively contribute to the Indian IT industry and develop business relationship.
During the Show, we had signed Channel Partnership Agreement with Mr. Ahmed Al Siyabi of M/s. Apex Ecommerce, Oman and Ms. Victoria of M/s. Gavic Express, Zambia. Potential partnership have been identified with other delegates as well.
About INDIA IT SHOW 2016 - Experience a world of innovations and explore the avenue of sourcing the best of IT products & solutions for the growth of your enterprise including Mobile Application Services, Cloud Computing, SAAS, Big Data Management, KPO, BPO, LPO, e-security, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Bio Informatics, Engineering Design, Travel, Hotel, Hospitality, Logistics, Transportation, Educational, Pharma, e Governance, and much more... under one roof.
The exclusive bazaar will have over 150 Indian IT companies catering a host of solutions with value additions, three-dimensional growth in skills, technology and expertise.

  New initiative towards education sector:

Internet of Things (IoT) is a much talked about term in the Information Technology industry now-a-days; everyone claims to be a part of IoT and develop solutions around it. The key feature is how effectively IoT makes our routine life transparent and create a ripple-effect in the overall Ecosystem.
Yusata Infotech has initiated a project to help education sector with IoT solution to monitor and lower the events of Exam Paper leakages.
The team has been working closely with Education Board on developing the solution that is feasible, cost effective and at the same time address the Core Issue of the Board.
It is our moral responsibility to eliminate such incidents / events which destroy the very base of our new generation.
Very soon, the solution will be demonstrated at various Education bodies for implementation.

  Participation at Mexico B2B Meeting with ESC

Electronic and Software Council, Delhi has invited Yusata Infotech to be a part of the Business delegation to Mexico for a B2B meeting.
Mexico is the destination with various similarities with India like - cultural, geographical, temporal proximity, political stability and a defined framework with NAFTA Trade agreement that helps in building Legal as well as Intellectual Property protection for companies.
The CANIETI - National Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies Industries of Mexico has been at forefront to develop this relationship with Indian Businesses.
We had fruitful discussions with companies interested for Telematics Solution and other services.
The overall experience was very good.

  Participation at Krakow Exhibition, Poland 18-19 Feb 2016

Yusata Infotech is represented by Mr. Jayant Arrawatia, Director Marketing at the 3rd Trade Fair of IT Solutions, E‑commerce and Mobile Devices – Mobile­-IT to be held in Krakow, Poland on 18-19 February 2016.
During the exhibition, Telematics products and services will be showcased to the visitor and breakthrough concepts of using Mobile Device and IOT to achieve better productivity and profitability for the organization as well as individual entrepreneurs.
A speaking slot has been provided at the exhibition to address the audience with the latest Telematics solutions of Yusata Infotech available in the market and how new markets can be explored with it.
Our booth number is A6 … you are welcome.

  Opening of Ahmedabad office…. SOON….

Yusata Infotech is expanding its Geographical base with a Marketing Office set up in Ahmedabad to be functional soon in March 2016. A fresh team of administrative and marketing staff will be deployed at the office.
The office will be shared with the Channel Partner in Ahmedabad and developing new marketing team for better penetration in the territory in India and outside India.
The Ahmedabad office will majorly take care of Government projects and overseas client support of Yusata.

  Become a Channel Partner of Telematics Solution

Yusata Infotech is offering Channel Partnership to interested parties for promoting Telematics solutions in their territory.

The eligible criteria for a channel partner are:
•  Base of Information Technology for minimum 2 years
•  Understanding of Telematics industry and GPS Solution
•  Vision to take Telematics solution in the market
•  Marketing support of minimum 2 staff required
•  Office setup of 120 sq ft in the city area

The interested party must contact on ylog.sales@yusata.com with their brief company background.

  Wishing 75th Birthday to Our CEO - Mr. Moolchand Sharma

The Yusata Family wishes a Warm Happy Birthday, on January 10 2016, to its Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Moolchand Sharma on attaining a healthy age of 75 years. The age that reflects maturity, experience and determination to manage every life situation and constantly strive towards attaining the Goal.
Mr. Sharma with his vast experience, maturity and entrepreneurial capabilities manages the whole organization as a Family. He is a motivator; his presence spreads confidence and encouragement in the team to achieve better and larger than life goals. He constantly inspires and provides mentorship to each one in the organization. Every word is a word of Wisdom.

The Yusata Parivar salutes the man - Mr. Moolchand Sharma and wishes him a long and healthy life ahead.

   Recap of the year 2015

8 years of service and growth in technology industry. Started our journey in 2007, grew from a small company to medium enterprise, encouraging the motto: bringing technology closer to life. During the year, we had an opportunity to participate and interact with some of the Public sector companies of India: Indian Oil Corporation Limited for GEO-RTD, State Bank of India for Cash Management solution, Bihar Police Department, IT department of Rajasthan, Maharashtra Police Department, Delhi Intelligence Department and many others. We won the best Booth at the CeBIT India 2015 and were invited to CeBIT Hanover to present our solutions in the Start Up arena.
On the Development side, we had introduced Women Safety Application - YLogSecure - Shake to Save: For women safety, use your android phone as an alert generator, just shake it to trigger the alert and get real time support from law enforcing authorities.
Automated Driving Test Tracks - India moving towards technology advancement to support the increasing demand of Driving License in the country; developed the Automated Driving Test Tracks with 100% technology driven solution, using the sensors and Video Analytics to get accurate and unbiased result.
The solution was appreciated by the IT Savvy State Karnataka and other states of South and North India.
The year 2015, has proven to be a year of development in products and people.
Yusata look forward to a 2016 as a year of another milestone in its journey and prepare ourselves to serve community better with Technology products / services.

  Yusata - Technology Partner at 43rd ISAAME FORUM 2015 - Ahmedabad

This event witnessed a gathering of 4135 delegates from 41 countries in Ahmedabad from 16-20 December 2015, wherein Yusata provided solution for Delegate Registration, Delegate Management, attendance reports and event analytics; all this was provided by HopTheLine application. Our event management App - HopTheLine is an online event management app of Yusata Infotech aimed at planning and managing events over the smart device and be free from the hassle of printing tickets, managing series and queues & cash collection. For more details visit - www.hoptheline.com.

  Increasing importance of Automated Driving Test Track

India is moving towards totally automation of services in private as well as government departments. The RTO which is one of the critical department for issuing Permanent Driving Licenses is now moving toward achieving 100% technology driven test tracks.
Yusata has developed the Automated Driving Test Tracks solution with Video Analytics and Sensor based tracking system. The candidate will be monitored by the RTO Inspector remotely sitting in his control cabin.

On the screen the performance and driving ability of the candidate will be tested using technology. The driving license test results will be an unmanned and bias free.
We have developed solution for all the tracks - English 8, Reverse S , Parallel Parking, Upgradient and Serpentine.
The technology is already being demanded by the RTOs of every state.

  Event Management App - Hoptheline launched with ISAAME Forum 2015 at Ahmedabad

HOPTHELINE is an online event management app of Yusata Infotech aimed at planning and managing events over the smart device and be free from the hassle of printing tickets, managing series and queues & cash collection.
The application will be launched in India with the largest event and gathering of Lions Clubs International occasion of 43rd ISAAME FORUM 2015. This event will witness a gathering of 5000 delegates from 50 countries in Ahmedabad from 16-20 December 2015.

Yusata selected as their technology partner, wherein the solution of Registration, delegate management, their attendance reports and organizer's analytics will be provided by Hoptheline application.

This soft launch of application will be the stepping-stone in the Indian territory towards Smart Event Management solution.

  Yusata Website ready to take a New Look

You have seen our company website www.yusata.com and product website www.ylogapp.com for over a long period now. With the development in the company and product features, it's time to revamp the look and feel of the web presence.
The change process has begun to give a new appearance to Yusata web sites in the coming New Year.

Stay tuned with us to witness the refreshing web portal of Yusata Infotech.




You can contact us by using the contact information below or by sending us a message via our contact form.

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