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  Expanding Base of Telematics in SCM

With Telematics Industry growing at a fast pace of above 20% growth year on year basis; clients demand for higher and better solution capabilities to support their Business decision making process.
This paradigm shift of paper driven to technology driven decision making has put a lot of pressure on the overall IT industry.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry is adapting the new Telematics solutions rapidly; total process automation is carried out from booking consignment, load calculation, consignment tracking, consignment delivery, real time POD service and after


sales service.
YLogApp – an advance Telematics solution provides a thoughtful and proven application for the SCM organizations; designed by Yusata Infotech. It supports Dispatch management, POD management, Fuel Management, Geo Fencing and exception based reporting.
A perfect blend of Business Intelligence and Decision making analysis to support enhance efficiency and productivity of a company.
For further details of application, please write us on sales@ylogapp.com

  Revamping Technology environment in Telematics Solution with Version 2

Our endeavour is always to provide the best user experience and technology solution to the user base.
To fulfil our motto - bringing technology closer to life, Yusata strives to achieve excellence and simply technology in Telematics industry. The new version of YLogApp gives a new Dashboard with better Business Analytical reports.
The new YLogApp V2 will serve as an IoT platform with capabilities of adding temperature sensors, level sensors, Advance video analytics and many more along with the Telematics features.
The new portal will be ready for launch in June 2018, with enhanced features to support its stakeholders - Transporters, Logistics, Schools, Public transporters, Pharmaceuticals, and others.

  Akshay Patra Foundation, testing Temperature sensor for cooked meals

Yusata Infotech, developed captive temperature sensor Transmitter and receiver with GPS device integration; allowing user to get real time temperature data and location for the desired subject.
Yusata has been working closely with Akshay Patra Foundation for various services related to GPS, mobile application and IT support.
The foundation was appraised with the enhanced temperature monitoring system of Yusata; for which they asked to set up a Proof of Concept to monitor their Kitchen meal cooking process and test.
The POC has been successfully implemented and is under testing with consistent performance for the past 8 weeks.
We are happy to acknowledge the high accuracy and long lasting life of sensors; proving cost efficient solution for any cooking industry requirements.
We thank Akshay Patra Foundation for their support and permission for the testing.


Connected entertainment system is a solution for the travel industry; wherein millions of people tour to destinations having travelling time from a few hours to days. The need of entertainment and rejuvenate during those travelling hours are important to keep them occupied and feel less strained.
In air flights, we have similar solution, but for bus and rail it is not widely available in the Indian continent.
Yusata in its endeavor to address this need of bus operators in India, have designed a Magic Box, with unlimited capabilities to service the passenger’s need of Internet,entertainment, being connected, and more.
The name ‘Magic box’ represented the magical digital transit system where everything will be connected, the passenger, the vehicle, the operator and geography.
This solution will be available for various platforms like; public transportation buses, trains, boat-house, planes, commercial taxis and many other.

Features of Magic box
1. Passenger wi-fi
2. Infotainment
3. Real time information
4. Digital rights management
5. Fleet management
6. Big data analysis
7. Screen and advertisement management
8. Connected vehicle integration

The operator receives real time supervision (fleet status, location, trip details) real time data for optimization at any place.
Thus, saving the time and energy of the passenger, as well as contributing to the environment by going paperless.


In our endeavor to provide the best solution for Perishable goods and temperature sensitive materials, Yusata has been involved developing captive wireless temperature sensor with hybrid capabilities of single to multi nodes, higher accuracy and long-lasting battery life.
Telematics industry is poised to integrate IOT with temperature sensor in a big way.
The solution is currently under proof of concept(POC) at a dairy in Jaipur, wherein milk vans are installed with GPS device and wireless temperature transmitters and receivers; providing real time temperature readings as well as exceptional alerts on degree deviations.

Benefits of temperature sensor
1. Accuracy of temperature measurement for each welded joint ± 1.0° C
2. 1 year* battery life, *depend on temperature and sensor type
3. Cloud based portal, available across multiple digital services
4. Ambient air & liquid temperature monitoring
5. Automated record keeping for temperature monitoring
6. GPS location-based service
7. Easy monitoring tool
8. Real time alerts upon temp variation
9. Hybrid solution of multi to single nodes
10. Wireless temperature sensor can be mapped with multiple devices
11. Assessible from anywhere via internet enabled devices

This solution will bring stability to the temperature sensitive items and beneficial in capturing and analyzing sensor data, bringing full visibility into concerned industry.


YLogApp - An advance telematics solution platform widely used by transport & logistics, school and service industry for their various needs of real time tracking, reports, alerts etc, is transforming itself to enhance user experience with new and fresh look and feel of the portal as well as mobile app.
The app is going to modular approach and is fully sensitized to the industry requirements and verbatim.

The new Version2 brings the following range of telematics solutions on a single platform like;
1. Fleet management
2. Crash technology
3. Driving behavior
4. Vehicle sensor inspection
5. Vehicle analytics
6. Consistent reporting
7. Tracking history
8. Real time alerts and notifications
9. Fuel efficiency
10. Improve dispatching
11. Reduce and simplify administration tasks

The enhanced V2 UI and UX experience makes it unique and will provide a refreshed feeling to the user from the various walks of industry i.e. logistics, public transportation, delivery, schools, courier and service industry.


Yusata have its unique and a stable solution with exceptional features for the school bus tracking solution. The solution has been successfully implemented at Ahmedabad and Jaipur schools; the solution is now implemented in Hyderabad schools.
We understand the safety and security of the child is a major concern for every parent and our YLogApp solution satisfies that concern in a proactive manner.
The solution includes- bus tracking, RFID attendance system and CCTV live video streaming to the school admin for better and transparent management. A mobile app is available for parents to monitor bus and its ETA at their designated stops.
The school bus entrance is automated with the real time attendance system, capable of marking attendance of students with boarding movement. The solution is deployed on local server as well as web server, allowing 24x7 access to the school management. This system ensures student presence and absent marking automatically.
YLogApp has special reporting and alert system wherein parents get SMS alerts when children aboard and de-board school bus, in case of any emergency immediate action can be taken by the school administration.


Universal Relocations is the “One Stop” relocation service from the US to Europe & India, domestic long distance, local & baggage ship. Universal Relocation invited Yusata Infotech to present its range of advance solutions facilitating resource monitoring and YLogApp for VTS (Vehicle Tracking System).
YLogApp solution has been demonstrated during a formal meeting among the Universal Relocation group and team members; wherein the solution has received remarkable appreciation for feature & innovation. Universal Relocation – MNC logistics company has started using YLogApp for VTS and employee tracking.
An android-based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel ("software") to track GPS location of sales employee and manage their day activities by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution.
Employee tracking benefits are like improved productivity, increased competitivenessand reduced costs by knowing exactly how many employees are required for a given task of delivery and port movement.


ELD is changing as per the need of market and ensuring better transparency for fleet owners and federal office. FMCSRs (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) were revised by the FMCSA to upgraded design and performance standards for ELDs.
The final rule or ELD mandate states that operators of commercial vehicles will need to use ELDs or electronic logging devices.
The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association is the certifying agency for the ELD solutions developed by many companies. Yusata Infotech have its YLogApp registered and certified by the agency and is fully compliant to support the motor carriers to use it immediately.
ELD is intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers, and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data. An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording.


During the course of providing advance telematics solutions for industry verticals like pharmaceuticals, dairy products, food & beverages, Ice-cream and cold storage trucks, we have been looking to integrate with wireless temperature sensor reducing dependencies on wiring and hassle-free connectivity with truck GPS device via bluetooth.
The current available solution in market from competitors are costly and have dependencies of GPS device and connectivity concerns.
Yusata has developed its own wireless temperature sensors which have seamless connectivity with GPS device over bluetooth and have better accuracy of temperature reporting.
The solution is under testing with pharmaceutical and dairy product companies in USA and India.
We look forward to a tested solution by mid- April 2018 for immediate implementation at highly competitive costs.


April 22nd is the Earth Day - a day when the world unites to show support for the environment. We at Yusata wish do our bit to save the environment and hope you too will do your bit. We, Yusata Infotech, are committed to put consistent endeavors to help in reducing instances of idling and excessive acceleration by way of identifying them in real time.
YLogApp - a real time resource utilization application by Yusata Infotech monitors and reports - total duration of idling, acceleration, driving behavior etc.
Vehicle idling is a silent killer to overall profitability of an organization; curtailing idling will enhance environmental benefits. One can easily minimize idling, save fossil fuel with reducing carbon footprint for the good of the Earth and mankind
Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to provide the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.

  School Bus Transit Management Solution

School Transportation Management, service provided by schools for pick and drop of students from their location must have GPS device installed in the school bus, and it must be monitored by the school administration. Such notification has been released by Central Government for the schools to follow.
Yusata Infotech have a complete solution of GPS tracking along with Mobile App for School Admin as well as Parents.
Parents are the most conscious stakeholder of the school bus movement, and they need to know the exact location for ARRIVING at the designated stop early morning and at the same time, it is important to reach stop for picking up their children.
Yusata's – YLogLite has all the requisite features for supporting school and parents concern.
The app allows real time monitoring, Push Notification to Parents for bus movement and ETA of bus arrival at stop, school admin can monitor real time bus movements and can take corrective measures in case of any discrepancies.
We bring a safe, secure and accurate solution for the SCHOOL Bus Transit Management.
Parents and school authorities can download Mobile Application from Google Play Store or below mentioned link:
Download the application from the Google Play link:

  Video Analytic based Automated Driving Test Track (ADTT) Solution

The permanent Driving License is an important part of one’s life. The learner must pass the Standard Driving Skill tests by driving through Tracks.
Yusata has developed an Automated Driving Test Tracks solution with Video Analytics and Sensor based tracking system. This solution is 100% automated and allows the Road Transport Office / Department a full command over managing these tests without manual intervention.
The solution is now available for any country to implement with minor customization. It includes hardware and software components; which form a Turn Key project for us to implement for your country.
The ADTT solution helps effective monitoring system for the permanent Driving License and ensuring proper results without manipulations.
We welcome any requirements for the solution; kindly email us on sales@ylogapp.com

  Temperature Sensor integrated with Telematics Solution

We have been successful in developing an inhouse temperature sensor integrated with Telematics solution to help refrigerated trucks and transport companies monitor its temperature in real time and receive alerts in case of exception or temperature rise.
The sensor is wirelessly communicating with the GPS device and provides seamless connectivity under every situation.
The sensor is cost effective and long lasting with better connectivity with GPS. The total solution is available to be implemented effectively with any company and institution.
The major industry for this solution are Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Ice-cream, perishable goods and temperature sensitive products.
For more details, please send an email to sales@ylogapp.com

   India Soft 2018 –a showcase of Indian IT industry to the world.

Yusata Infotech participated at IndiaSoft 2018 held at Parade Ground, Bangalore. It was the tenth consecutive participation of Yusata at the exhibition.
Indiasoft is organized by ESC with support of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Delegates from global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan and Middle East visited on 24-25 January 2018.
Solutions presented were Proof of Delivery (e-POD), Telematics Solution,
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution a mandatory requirement for USA market and above all Digital Bluetooth PadLock - NOKE.
We have partnered with Zambian Company for the promotion of NOKE – Digital lock for their banking sector as well as Telematics solution to automated the overall School Bus transit system.
Our POD system is already the market.

  Progress on Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) GEO-RTD Tender

From our last month carry forward, IOCL a Maharatna PSU of India is engaged with us for their LPG Tank tracking as well as GEO Round Trip Distance project for 5 years.
We have already covered 80% of the Geo Round Trip Distance envisaged in the project, overseeing all the source and destination locations. The process includes physical verification of routes and capturing Latitude - Longitude of the plants and mapping them along with shortest and motorable way for LPG Tanks.
The next phase of project will be 1500 GPS device installation at various locations and ensure tank tracking as well as no deviation from the routes.

  ELD (Electronic Logging Device) a mandatory requirement of DOT, USA

From December 2017, ELD is a mandatory compliance by the Department of Transportation, USA.
The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association is the certifying agency for the ELD solutions developed by many companies. Yusata Infotech have its YLogApp registered and certified by the agency and is fully compliant to support the Motor Carriers to use it immediately.
The ELD solution is available on IPad and can be used easily; it comply with easy record, transmit and store all HOS information according to the functional requirements as detailed in the official ELD mandate.
If you are looking for any ELD solution, then contact us on sales@ylogapp.com

  A Glorious 2017 passed, beginning of a new year 2018

The year 2017 has been a year of several achievements and innovative strategies being implemented for a prosperous new year. In 2017, we have completed our 9 years of service to the industry with advance telematics solution and ventured into IOT domain too.

Some glimpses of achievements in 2017:
•   Yusata awarded the Solid Waste Management VTS Tender by Malerkotla Municipal Council.
•   Yusata awarded with IOCL Mumbai Vehicle Tracking system and GEO Round Trip Distance calculation work for Mumbai office.
•   An application developed for Akshay patra - Hingonia App was launched By Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Hon.Chief Minister, Rajasthan State; the app received appreciation from the Chief Minister.
•   Malaysia DEMO- ADTT
•   New Clients added to the pool like SIMCO, DT, Brewsee, MI Sensor, Insight
•   Participation at India Soft 2017 at Hyderabad.
•   Yusata is now OSP Certified by Dept. of Telecommunication, Govt. Of India
•   YLogApp Is Now VAPT Certfied By Security Brigade Infosec Pvt. Ltd. With this
certification, the YLOGAPP is now highly secure solution for any type of integration or as a standalone product.
•   Appointment of Channel Partner in Sultanate of Oman
•   Appointing of Channel Partner in Nairobi, Kenya
•   Yusata and Noke, USA entered into Channel Partnership for India, Middle East and Asia territories. Noke is a Smart Bluetooth Padlock with access management.
•   Yusata participated at Mobile World Congress, San Francisco, 2017
•   YLogApp, is a approved and certified ELD solution from FMCSA, Department of Transport, USA. ELD solution is now mandatory in USA for commercial fleet movements. YLogApp complies with all the requisite rules of ELD.
•   Innovative Electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD) Application developed using any Android Smartdevice. The app removes dependency on costly Handheld device and allows the logistics company use the regular Android devices to capture images and upload POD in real time. The app is already used by a Pan India Logistics company.
•   NOKE lock POCs are already running with some of the big names in the industry. Territories covered under POC are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.
•   Yusata participated at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai From 8 Oct-12 Oct, 2017 for the first time and received positive responses and enquiries.
•   Placement/Recruitment Drive in Odisha with IT institutes
•   Placement/Recruitment Drive in Poornima University Twice a Year
•   Yusata Participated at MESSE NAGOYA, Japan during November 6-11, 2017
•   School Parent App Put into Action for real time viewing of School Bus movement and ETA/ETD.
•   ADTT software especially designed to support RTO and motor driving schools

  Participation at IndiaSoft Exhibition at Grounds Palace, Bengaluru from 24- 25 January 2018

IndiaSoft is a large business networking event that provides a platform for the global buyers and encouraging their fruitful conglomeration with Indian IT Companies. The IndiaSoft exhibition invites exhibitors of various IT domains.
Yusata is a regular participant to the IndiaSoft show, and have been showcasing innovative products and services for immediate market. The exhibition will start from January 24, 2018 and January 25, 2018 at Grounds Palace, Bengaluru.
We have delegates visiting from various countries to explore business opportunities with us and other Indian IT companies.
Yusata will be endorsing its innovative solutions related to Telematics and IOT domain majorly.

  Yusata awarded Malerkotla Solid Waste Management Tender

Malerkotla Municipal council published tender for vehicle tracking system to be installed in Solid Waste Management vehicles in the area. The solution will help council keep a track and record of vehicle movements, waste pick and drop, # of times, at what time duration. Yusata Infotech, participated and bagged this solid waste management work order.
This tender win has opened a new service area for Yusata to contribute effective solutions into Solid Waste Management domain of the country. The solution will help Municipal council to effectively monitor the waste collection movement and bring positive change in the overall hygiene and cleanliness of area.
Yusata will be providing them with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution along with monitoring of the vehicle in real time to improve per vehicle productivity & reduce non-compliance, usage and route planning optimization of garbage trucks, rapid management of vehicle breakdown and maintenance and centralized command control center for waste collection and transportation.

  Industrial Visit at Yusata Infotech from SIES Engineering College

An Industrial visit of SIES College from Mumbai was planned at Yusata office on December 27, 2017. A total of 48 students and three faculty members visited from IT stream as a part of their Study course and practical understanding of IT industry.
The students and faculty was welcomed by Technical and Marketing department of the company; followed by interaction with students and employees. The students were taken thru a session briefing about the industry and its current transformation.
Mr. Ravinder Kumar Dhayal, Project Manager and Mr. Sunil Karwasra, Director Technology, conducted informative session for the students. He motivated students to select their domain and area of interest, also guided them to select areas like web development, mobile application development, designing, software architecture & software testing etc. as per the importance in current software Industry. Finally, HR Department Head gave a Brief Introduction and Journey of Yusata Infotech.
The visit was concluded with Question- Answer session wherein many students asked technical questions on current demanding technologies and market scenarios. Mr. Dhayal answered them and clarified all doubts and myths about the technologies and IT sector. All students were satisfied and happy to understand the practical use of technology after the session.
The students were motivated and positive towards the future of IT and their contribution in the coming future to the industry.
A refreshment and photo session were conducted to conclude the Industrial visit of SIES college. We extend our warm regards to the Faculty and college management.

  Yusata exhibiting at INDIA SOFT 2018

India's premier international IT exposition, INDIA IT SHOW is organized by Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) with the support of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
Indiasoft 2018 will facilitate building of competencies by providing Indian participants an in-depth understanding about technology, market development and demand dynamics which assists in strengthening their foothold globally. The 16th high tech edition of Indiasoft will be visited by global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.
Yusata will be promoting telematics solution, which deals with interacting to your automotive to provide details of Movement, speed, location, tracking, DOT logs, Proof of Delivery, Online Dispatch Management, Geo Fence management, etc.

  Yusata participated at MESSE NAGOYA (Japan)

Participation in Messe Nagoya at Japan, Port Messe Nagoya had been an interesting exhibition to showcase Telematics Solution. MESSE NAGOYA was a four day event held In Japan from 8th November to 11th November 2017 at the Nagoya Port Messe in Nagoya, Japan. This event showcased huge variety of innovative products of exhibitors coming from across the globe, thus, giving an opportunity to experience specialty products, technologies and services in one venue.
During the exhibition, Telematics products and services were showcased to the visitors and breakthrough concepts of using Smart Bluetooth Padlock - YKe and IOT to achieve better productivity and profitability for the organization as well as individual entrepreneurs.
We had received warm responses from the visitors, who were interested in taking up solutions for their need; it has been fortunate to receive interest from various companies who were interested to provide Proof of Concept projects for their work.

  Yusata awarded the IOCL Mumbai VTS Tender (Maharashtra)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) floated a tender and, invited electronic bid from technically and commercially competent and experienced service providers for the provisioning of vehicle tracking system (VTS) with end to end solution.
Yusata Infotech, participated and won the most awaited tender, IOCL Maharashtra, as a lead bidder. It is a big achievement as well as an opportunity for Yusata to have a great start in the public sector organization.
Yusata will be providing them with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution along with determination of Round Trip Distance (RTD) and verification by Geo-Databse creation for Route Mapping. The solution will provide real time knowledge of its fleets, Engine status, delivery status, driving behavior, fuel efficiency, various reporting formats and many more. The solution is truly beneficial and plays a quintessential role in the fleet management.

  Messe Nagoya 2017 - Visit Our Booth Number 3D-224-3 At Japan

MESSE NAGOYA is a comprehensive international exhibition that cuts across industrial and business boundaries to get the word out broadly both within Japan and overseas on the products and services of our exhibitors, while also striving to help them expand sales channels and enhance personal connections.
Messe Nagoya marks 12th year and is an opportunity for Yusata to display all its speciality products, technologies and services in one venue, and expanding sales channels and building personal connections.
We invite you to visit our booth no. 3D-224-3 at Port Messe Nagoya. Yusata will be promoting its innovative solutions related to Telematics and IOT domain majorly.

  Yusata Participated At GITEX Technology Week In Dubai From 8 Oct-12 Oct, 2017

We, Yusata Infotech, participated in GITEX Technology week, from 8 Oct-12 Oct, 2017 with a booth # SR-E 27, and had visitors from all over the world. During the event, we had majority visitors from Middle East countries and inquiries for the innovative Smart Bluetooth padlock, YKe. Some interesting discussions held with visitors from Dubai, Middle East, Jordan, Iran and India.
GITEX Show is one of the leading Global IT Exhibition held every year in Dubai. GITEX Technology week has been a good PR activity for Yusata as GITEX Technology week has always been a game-changing event, being the world's fastest growing technology hub. Yusata show-cased products and solutions related to Telematics solution and IOT domain, majorly ELD solution, Video Analytics, and Smart Bluetooth Padlock, to support multiple industries, with major focus on transport and logistics industry.
Our company's strength is providing solutions in the different sectors like Transportation, Delivery and Dispatch, Service, Courier, Education, and Government Sector.
The event has been a good opportunity for Yusata Infotech to experience and show-case the collection of different services of Yusata. We wish to participate in the event again and congratulate the organizer, exhibitors and visitors a successful year ahead.

  Placement/Recruitment Drive in Odisha

We have been invited by NIIS Bhubaneswar, NIST Berhampur, Trident Bhubaneswar, IMIT Cuttack, OUAT Bhubaneswar, CIME Bhubaneswar for the 3rd consecutive year for their campus placement drive; we appreciate the quality and talent in students of these institutes. These institutions provides the best education to their students with the market requirement approach, allowing students be prepared for challenges in their initial career years.
These Institution's Management and faculty groom students with theoretical and subject knowledge, Yusata hire fresh talents and provide industry training to develop them as an asset to the organization.
Yusata has been hiring a pool of students every year from the institutions and these students have proven their skills and capabilities as per the projects given to them.
We thank NIIS, NIST, Trident, IMIT, OUAT, CIME Institutions for inviting us for Campus Recruitment Drive.

  Hingonia App Launched By Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Hon.Chief Minister, Rajasthan State

Recently Smt. Vasundhra Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan State had launched Hingonia App. Chief Minister visited Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre where she launched Hingonia Krishna Balaram Gaushala Mobile app, powered by Yusata, which is especially designed to increase presence and attract more citizens to share helping hands in managing Cow shelter.
Hingonia Gaushala mobile app is available for both Android as well as iOS mobile users and can be downloaded from links:- A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Jaipur Municipal Corporation and Hare Krishna Movement for management of this centre for 19 years on the same day. Smt Vasundhara Raje, has also granted 10 Crore rupees for the welfare of foundation.
"Hingonia Gaushala is a place for Shelter and care for Cows where steps are taken to improve the conditions of cows. Government of Rajasthan and Jaipur Nagar Nigam handed over the management of Hingonia Cattle Rehabilitation Center managed by Hare Krishna Movement, an affiliated organization of Akshya Patra foundation. Hingonia shelter now takes better care of cows with improved and technically facilitated rehabilitation center.
The mobile app publishes facts about calf nutrition, cattle diseases & cure, vaccination & their schedules, details about rehabilitation center and technologies used to cure & save cows.
Using App - everyone get an update about the Gaushala in terms of facilities planned and provided to cows."




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