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  Yusata is now OSP Certified by Dept. of Telecommunication, Govt. Of India

It is great to be an Other Service Provider (OSP) certified company of India by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. The Telecommunication department as per new rules under 1999 amendment provides this certification to various class of organization who deal into tele-banking, tele-medicine, e-commerce, call centers, online support center, vehicle tracking centers, etc. Our registration with DOT, will help us provide better after sales service and online support to our clients in India and Abroad.


The center will have dedicated support structure to ensure timely and appropriate troubleshooting facilities are available.
Such a center will help team to understand customers’ needs, solve complex issues and continually raise the bar of services. Yusata is now in the league of certified Support Centers with state-of-art infrastructure to help its clients.

  Proof of Delivery Application

We have seen a sea-change in the Logistics and Courier industry. The industry is now poised with a Solution approach rather than a Service approach. Service is the core of these industry, whereas the increasing demands of real time information sharing with client, retailer and company is growing at fast pace. The companies are looking at taking up technology advancement for meeting the expectations.
The key aspect or feature of logistics and courier company is the Proof of Delivery- alias POD. It is not only the need or confirmation of delivery but it is the requisite document for claims as well. We are happy to announce the POD application is on its ridge to serve the market.
The application is ready and is put to test with one of the leading logistics company from South India having a presence in Pan India. The company have Last Mile Delivery capability and is serving several MNCs and Indian company products to its customers. Soon the POD app will be available for the industry to use and serve its customer base.

  Yusata prepared to serve Smart City Projects in India

Yusata Infotech has the expertise in designing, developing and implementing for smart city project, which includes smart transit management system, solid waste management, smart parking systems and many more. The smart city project in India is a long term project with dynamic structure to support the futuristic infrastructure needs of the citizens. YLogApp - a software platform with exceptional capability to integrate various solutions and have a wholesome offering for industries like logistics, transportation, school, distribution, , delivery services, security, etc.
India is on boom with Smart City Tenders being floated by many states; the requirement for integrated operations management, passenger information system, vehicle scheduling and dispatch system, mobile and web application with a journey planner, incident management system, AVLS (Automated Vehicle Location System) and others is being satisfied by YLOGAPP.
Yusata have technical solutions ready for implementation, a few customization as per the need of states will make is fully acceptable on the ground.

  Noke Partnership

Noke and Yusata Infotech Private Limited, have partnered for the Indian territory for their BLE and IoT lock solution to be promoted in India and other countries in Middle East.
Nokē is an established name under security applications with focuses on commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company’s assets. Noke has plenty of smart locks, which are designed by reputed design team. Noke allows to give someone access with the push of a button on your smartphone. Not only can we pass them access, we can revoke their access, or specify limitations such as times that they have access.
Yusata will be a value added reseller in India for Noke, and will be promoting services here to key clients with specific requirements. In the existing client list, Yusata have several Test cases as well as live cases for the solution. The Noke lock application will be customized to the Indian market requirements using YLogApp platform- to improve upon the fleet operational efficiency, security of containers, and reduction in theft incidences.
We are looking forward to a long-term mutual growth with Noke in future.

  Retail Customers Moving Into Telematics

In today's time, technology is helping the continuous growth and development prospectus for every industry, in this times, why would the retail market be left behind. Retail customers are attracted to the unlimited potential of E-Commerce platform; it brings the possibility to deliver many products and service from a single stop.
In this scenario, Application of Telematics and IoT plays a vital role to support the every changing reatils supply chain mechanism. To manage the large volumes of items to be delivered in nearly real time and customer satisfaction is of key importance, in the competitive market.
Retail sector has grown to an extent, that even FMCG products, grocery and valuable items are delivered at your door step with real time movement monitoring.
Telematics and IoT had made it easier for customers and retailers to ensure on-time delivery of the selected products and enhance the experience of service delivery of their business. We, Yusata Infotech, propose YLogApp with real time Proof of Delivery application ensuring the material is delivered in real time at right place,
The transport manager or logistics manager is empowered with the YlogApp Tools, which allows him manage large fleets, drivers, devices, trip sheets, run time enquiries, completed consignment reports, and many other reporting formats.
For more details, please drop an email at sales@ylogapp.com

  Education Department Using GPS Solution

Indian government is moving towards the technology paradigm shift in the new tenure. The country is adapting fast to the IoT and mobile application movement. High use of technology witnessed into the safety and security of people, banking and transportation industry.
This makeover of defined industry creates an opportunity for the System Integrators like us, Yusata Infotech, to pitch in solution that caters to the desired need.
Education industry has taken a big leap into using Telematics Solution for knowing vehicle locations, pickup-drop and safety of students. A continuous communication channel built into the system to keep every stakeholder - the school, parents and administrator to be aware of the movements.
Real time alerts sent to administrator of school for effective monitoring over the driving behaviour, over-speeding and sudden breakdown of vehicles.
YLogApp, a ready solution for the industry is available for demo and installation.
We are open for enquiry from channel partners and schools to penetrate the sector. Please send your request to Mr. Jayant Arrawatia at sales@ylogapp.com

  Government Moving Towards Optimum Resource Utilization Policy

Indian Government is going through a sea-change in the overall working equation with the resources employed within. In any country, Government is the largest organization, with maximum or almost unlimited resources at its discretion; may it be fleet (machine) or man. Government of India had moved up from Agriculture economy to an industrial economy, and now in recent time, we see a technology revolution taking its course in the government sector.
With the optimum use of technology to monitor resources utilization means an era of effective results, overall impact and accountability of it. Government hires multiple vendors for supply of resources and the cost paid from the taxes of citizens.
Hence, as an accountable government, putting these resources to maximum utilization is the foremost duty.
Government of India led by Shri. Narendra Modi has initiated a movement of Digital India, with an objective of enhancing productivity and profitability at the top priority.
Yusata proposes its solution - YLogApp meant to support optimum resource utilization, enhancing productivity and profitability with live monitoring, real time tracking, managing trips, kms driven, time consumed, results derived from the machine, unauthorized utilization, etc; a process which makes every resource accountable for its performance.
YLogApp is not only a solution, but is a platform to integrate and reap benefits in multi-fold for the country. We endeavor to present commendable projects at the Central level and be the part of this Technical era in India.

  Participation at IndiaSoft 2017

We, Yusata Infotech, participated in India Soft 2017 event on 13th and 14th February 2017 and was provided with a booth number, A051 to attract visitors from all over the world. During the event, we had rush of visitors from various countries looking for breakthrough solutions; most of the visitors were interested in our Video Analytics, telematics and IOT solutions. Some interesting discussions were held with visitors from Poland, Middle East, Germany, Australia, Khazakhstan and Tajiskistan. We were fortunate to have an IoT + Telematics solution for the Myanmar Post.
The event has been a good PR activity of Yusata, every year. We have been promoting our innovative solutions related to Telematics and IOT domain majorly. Our company forte is providing solutions in the different sectors like Transportation, Delivery and Dispatch, Service, Courier, Schools, Government, etc. It was a platform for us to experience and expose the array of different services of Yusata. Moreover, we would also like to add that it was a fruitful event by mean of adding channel partner in Oman and Kenya.
We wish to participate in the event again and congratulate the orgnaizer, exhibitors and visitors a successful year ahead.

  Appointment of Channel Partner in Sultanate of Oman

Oman has always been a lucrative market for the automobile industry and ancilliary services to it. The people there, have an understanding of the telematics solution and the internet access based location tracking.
We have finalized a Channel partner, Global Service LLC, who are present in the market for more than 2 decades. The partner is keen to develop the market and serve the requirement.
Specific needs and requirements have been identified for the Oman market, some of the unique features of Crash Technology, Driver Identification with Key FOBs, remote monitoring and disablement are important for the users there.
Necessary certification and permissions will be procured for entering the market with our GPS devices, imported from USA.
We are glad to have our Channel Partner onboard and are optimist to have a grand success.

  Appointing of Channel Partner in Nairobi, Kenya

India Soft 2017 held at Hyderbad was a successful event for Yusata Infotech. We have been able to identify a Channel Partner for us and our products at Nairobi, Kenya. The Channel Partner is into the Telematics solution and have been successfully doing business in the territory of Africa. The partner have capability to cater to the african market like Tanazania, Mombasa, Nigeria, and others.
Over the discussion, we found that there is an ample opportunity for the Telematics solution, which can be tapped with a successful business relationship.
A MOU has been signed with the Partner to promote and develop the territory for the Telematics solution. All the technical and marketing support will be provided by Yusata Infotech, India office.
We look at a larger share of this market, with our channel partner

  INDIA SOFT 2017, Hyderabad - The Destination for Indian IT companies

India IT Show 2017 facilitates building competencies by providing Indian participants an in-depth understanding about technology, market development and demand dynamics which assists in strengthening their foothold globally. The 16th High Tech Edition of INDIA IT SHOW will be visited by Global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. A truly B2B landmark event which will delight the participants, exhibitors and delegates with its persona and character.
Yusata Infotech is participating at the INDIASOFT 2017 event as an Exhibitor promoting our break through solutions in Telematics and IoT domain. It has been trend for us, to present innovative solutions to the Global IT industry in focus domain areas, like - Crash Technology, e-POD, Exam Paper Box Tracking Solution, E-locks, and many more.
We humbly invite representatives from sectors - Transportation, Service, Delivery & Dispatch, Courier, Schools, Government, corporate to visit our BOOTH # A051 and experience the array of suitable services. The Venue is: Hotel Novotel, HI-TECH City, Hyderabad.

  M-App for e-POD, put in action at Bangalore

Our e-POD feature of YLogApp, to be used with mobile application - YLogLite has been put to use by a Logistic company dealing in deliveries of material to corporate sector. The user have a list of clients from different domains, looking for real time consignment location and delivery status.
e-POD is easy to use for organizations having multiple delivery vendors and need to monitor them on real time, capture delivery locations and generate automated POD slips for the consignment delivered. The onscreen signature module helps capturing real time signature of the recipient.
Transeazy Logistics, Bangalore had signed an agreement with Yusata to provide their clients receive real time POD and report as a part of better customer service. With YLogLite, the company will achieve multiple benefits of tracking, order management, consignment tracking, POD, delivery attempts, automated reports for self and clients. e-POD facility is available in YLogLite application, available on Google Play and iTunes.

  Participation in Smart Cities Seed Funded project

The Smart Cities project under the Seed funding from Government of India, for identified cities of India has been launched to develop solutions for better services and facilities to the citizens. The concept will provide a transparent and citizen-friendly approach for every major public utility services of Government. Under this project, the focus areas are: Smart Transportation Management, Smart Solid Waste Management, Smart City Surveillance, Environment Sensors and Monitoring, WIFI Zones, Smart Parking Management, etc. The projects are on initial basis and will be developed in a full-fledge service to the community over a period.
Yusata Infotech, had reached out to the Smart Cities Private Limited, the company thus formed to manage and develop the Smart Cities project across India, for utilizing our experience and expertise over Transport Management, Solid Waste Management and Smart Parking solutions.
We have the capabilities of advance telematics and IoT solutions built to support the most integral part of the overall eco-cycle of an organization.
We will be participating as a Consortium / JV with company of similar interest to implement solutions in various Projects in implementation across India.




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